29 April 2016

Devil's Gambit, Part 2 -- Orinus Retentive

Ahoy as the sky ship captains say!

My next stop off in the Devil's Gambit Adventure Pack was (after hitching a ride from Drogar Grim) from within the Hall of Heroes. There's a funny fella there by the name of Orinus Arundul, and what do we know of the Oriface, I mean, Orinus? (I'm sorry for that . . . it's just his name has to be a combination of Oriface and Anus and he sends you to the Portable Hole and SOMEBODY HAS TO POINT THIS OUT!) Orinus is a drunkard -- a dirty WIZARD drunkard, and where do dirty wizard drunkards go to practice their craft? A dirty wizard dive named The Portable Hole. Orinus sips the Dirty Kobolds and talks the oneiromancy there, just like all the other wizards.

As it turns out there was an awesome devil raid at the Portable Hole Tavern led by the one and only Arraetrikos, and Orinus lost his Transfinite Compass to him.


That there isn't your normal boy scout's compass, friends. OH NO! That compass is "Transfinite," Despite what you may be thinking (that it finds transexuals in a fast minute), it finds "Magical Items" on any of the "infinite planes." RIGHT, this could be trouble, dig?

Arraetrikos's Checklist so far?
- Planer Awl - check
- Transfinite Compass - check

Got it! So what are we going to do, adventurers? GO GET A DIRTY DEVIL AT THE PORTABLE HOLE TAVERN!  (Is that a drink?  A dirty devil?)

Boom! We're at the tavern. Boom! We gotta act fast! Boom!

Step 1: Slowly prepare ourselves in our personal protected room . . . take your time.

Step 2: Slowly chat it up with Wavelend Tharmus and convince him to drop the barrier to the protected room and oh by the way, he dropped pages to a divination instruction manual in there that really give the deets on Transfinite Compass use.  How convenient for Arraetrikos . . . you wizards really need to up your game, you know that?

Step 3: Rescue four wizards that have been given the smack down by the devils. Which four wizards?

 - Irydn Wendvine, Top Left room . . . she's ms. "I'll do what I can to bring the barrier down. Attack the tiefling the second it falls!"

 - Hasud, Top Right room . . . he's mr. "I will attempt to negate the Tiefling's protective enchantment - but I may need assistance"

- Xanmar Kuth, Bottom Left room . . . he's mr. "I'll try to bring down the Tiefling's magic barrier - but I'll need some help!"

- Granix the Younger, Bottom Right room . . . he's mr. "Very well, I will try to bring down the barrier. When it falls, attack the Tiefling!"

(one wizard, face down, in the center of each sheltered room . . . what is this wizardry? It's like a grand designer in the sky planned this out perfectly for us. weeeeeird.)

Sub-step 3a: Beat up all the devils. ALL THE DEVILS! in ALL THE ROOMS! and in ALL THE STAIRWAYS!"

Sub-step 3b: Look for sparklies on the ground, those are the instruction manual pages. PAPER SPARKLES 'R' GOOD!

Sub-step 3c: Enjoy some light DM-esque conversation from Arraetrikos while you partake in the devil killings.

Dialog-y bit one: "Too late!" thunders Arraetrikos. "The Transfinite Compass is already mine. All that remains is for Fortis here to demolish this tawdry little tavern while I return to Shavarath."

Dialog-y bit two "Fortis - use the Codex page I gave you. That will give you the arcane energy you need to collapse the pocket dimension." With that, the Devil Leader disappears through a portal.

Dialog-y bit three "Yes! I can feel the power!" shouts the Tiefling "I'll snap the spells holding this place together like twigs!"

Dialog-y bit four "Huh. This is harder than it looks! Need to concentrate . . . and that means no distractions!" A magical barrier envelops the Tiefling, protecting him while he works to destroy the Portable Hole's enchantments.

Step 4: Get yourself a Dirty Tiefling! (Is that also a drink?  Is there only a Dirty Kobold? Is there no Dirty Devil?) Yup, that dirty tiefling would be Fortis. He needs several punches.

Step 5: Admire Fortis's rockstar pose when he gets down to half life. *whistles*

(. . . he's all "Shut up, I'm amazing.")

Step 6: Hello more devils!

Step 7: Think to yourself, "OH DANG! This went super fast, did I break all the crates?"

Step 8: Might as well break all the crates and just drag the devils around with you.

Step 9: Finish Fortis off when he drops his rock pose.

Step 10: Profit. Good luck there's more cool "Devil's Handiwork" gear here.

Step 11: Whoa did I just get tons of scrolls?

Guess that makes sense since I'm looting a chest at the Portable Hole?

Step 12: Return to Orinus and give him the bad news about the compass.  He's super disappointed in you . . . enough to give you some free loot! (ok ok, you did save his favorite tavern.)

and there you go . . . that's the end of the Portable Hole quest aka Tavern Brawl.


What did I think? Not bad! It's short! Short can be good, I mean just look at Haflings, right?

There's not much running around . . . it's an easy 1-2k xp or whatever and an easy chest. I'd ransack that.

Until next time . . .

Happy Dueling!


  1. I like you, your funny, do some more.

  2. @Anon: Thanks! Hope you got a chance to read all four pieces of the series and caught the recorded reading of Part 1 on DDO Cocktail Hour 98: http://www.ddococktailhour.com/?p=717