19 April 2016

Been Missing Missing.

Hey all!  Have you missed me the past couple of days?

Yeah, I didn't think you had, but that's cool. I found what I was missing, and it was the quest, Missing!

But before we talk about that . . . I've had this crazy idea rolling around in the my head the past week that I want to stream some DDO, but I haven't made that a reality yet.  At the time I was (and still am) level 13 and decided to start trekking through ye' old Ruins of Gianthold.  I'd load up OBS to preview my stream, get super crazy, and wreck the place up without breaking much of a sweat smashing giants left and right in the wilderness area -- and be out of time while still testing if I liked what I was seeing on the screen.  (I promise I'll get to the point with this soon because I realize this has nothing to do with the Missing quest.)

The timing never seemed right for DDO streaming, and I dunno . . . it was just all so purple.  If you know Gianthold, you'll know what I'm talking about. Aside from that I found a super cool beholder gif that I was also sticking over the top of my head in the stream preview and listening to funk music . . . and the idea came to me that this could be my shtick.  #DDO funk hour with Stingite.

It's solid, and who doesn't love funk music and DDO, amiright?

I even downloaded a voice changer so I could sound more evil, like a beholder. I may or may not use that.

Anyway, still . . . time was not right, and I just couldn't bring myself to stream just yet.  I'm a soloing noob in game, and I don't even know if people want to watch that kind of a trainwreck . . . and before you know it, people will be asking to look at my gear and my stats and then it's like . . . gah . . . do I even want to stream?

ANYWAY, the beholder-on-my-head-gif got me craving some beholder killing, and I remembered how much I dug the whole Harbinger of Madness quest line.  I looked it up, and it's level 15.  I'm level 13, so I figured I could tackle it on normal mode, and that I did!

So, I've run the Missing quest about four times now, and I dig it more each time I do it.  It's just so gosh darn creepy.  An order form for a dozen kids and a suite of cages? Cripes.  That's the stuff of nightmares - and this is especially emphasized by how the game gets all black and white and freaky during those moments of insanity.

Also creepy?  The taken.

See, now this is what I love about DDO.  Weird, strange creatures.  And this quest is chock full of evil outsiders that are just weird and scary. You're not playing some kill 10 rats quest here (although, you can actually find a few rats in this quest -- also awesome).

Can I just say how much I love making the Taken look like beautiful ice sculptures?

And those Xorian Renders as well . . . that's one beautiful Ice Sculpture.

Anyway, much to my delight, the final boss in this instance is a guy whose head looks like a beholder . . . and I'm like . . . that's totally me on my future DDO stream.  The guy with a beholder on his head. It's fate.

The beholder eventually loses his really really bad disguise and it's a beat down for the ages amongst the cages.


. . . now THAT scratched the DDO itch.

I may still go back to Gianthold and kill a few more things in the land of eternal purple, but . . . there's also this.

OH YEAH, and I totally scored the Turbulent Epee!  Um, I can't use it until I ding 14, but still . . . that's one of the two pieces of epic loot from the instance, so I'm happy with that.

and speaking of happy . . .

Happy Dueling!

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  1. Love reading your stuff. You also are an amazing taker of screenshots :D Well done once more.