27 April 2016

Devil's Gambit, Part 1 -- But vhat is ze volf's name?

For me, my journey into the Devil's Gambit all began with a conversation with Mogar Drim. See, Mogar is part of a group of Gatekeepers. What are Gatekeepers? Druids! Druids that are trying to keep Eberron safe from Evil Outsiders!

Don't mind that Drim is a Half-Orc, he's as sexy as they come for a druid. He'll even teleport you to the Hall of Heroes for absolutely free, although, he jokes that he's not a taxi service.  I'm sure for many people, that's exactly what he is.

Anyway, Drim tells you about Devils swarming the Gatekeeper's Hostel.  Apparently, they're hot for a Planar Awl and the Gatekeepers have one . . . OH MY GOSH! AN AWL! YOU MUST THINK YOU AWWLLLL THAT! Though Drim doesn't think the devils can even use it properly.

Whoa whoa whoa . . . what the devil is a Planer Awl? Yeah, it's a device that creates holes to the planes so you can travel through time and space, well maybe just space, like a freaking boss. Guess we better check this out, right?


Well, confound it all, Drim should have worried a bit more about the competence of Devils. As it turns out Arraetrikos (ye' old Raid Boss of DDO past) snagged the Planer Awl, totally wrecked the druids in their hostel, and summoned up a bunch of EVIL OUTSIDER buddies to turn this harbor shack turned hippy commune into a hippy commune turned rave party.

Yup! That's where we come in adventurers! It's time for . . . OPERATION SAVE THE DRUIDS AND KILL ALL THE STUFF!

Step 1: Clear out all the devils and the boss on your way to help out everybody's favorite Dire Bear, Barrett.

Step 2: Chill out the animals in the secret mini-zoo.

Step 3: Have Barrett help you smash down a gate that you can't get through.

Step 4: Find everybody's favorite giant rat, Grim. (Hello traps!)

Step 5: Have Barrett once again smash down a gate that you can't get through.

Step 6: Hello cultists!

Step 7: Find the wolf named Volf and admire his prowess. (Clearly a German wrote this quest . . . virst ve vind ze Bear named Barrett, zend ve vind ze rat named Grim, and zend ve vind ze volf, but vhat is ze volf's name? It's Volf you idiot! VOLF!")

Step 8: Hello Cultists!

Step 9: Make your way to the most amazing hidden grove in all of Stormreach.  (How did they sneak a grove in here?  That just doesn't seem possible.)

Step 10: Kill the crazy cleric Molnm and trim his bush . . . es. He kept rambling something about "With the power of my Codex page, and the strength of the Keeper, this place shall fall!" -- Not cool, Molnm.

Step 11: If you're lucky, loot your Laurel Helix.

Step 12: Get on back to Mogar Drim and receive your gift from the druids! YEEHAW!

Boom . . . you're done.


So what'd I think about all that fun and nonsense? I tells ya I liked it!  Why?!

bullet point -- Grim and Barrett? LOL!
bullet point -- Medium length instances are the best for my busy schedule.
bullet point -- Dire Bears breaking down doors reminds me of the police breaking down doors and when police be breaking down doors, PEOPLE GOIN' TO JAIL SON!
bullet point -- LAUREL HELIX!


All in all I give it 10/10, better than going to see Batman vs. Superman.

Thank you . . .

Happy Dueling!

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