01 May 2016

Devil's Gambit, Part 3 -- Arraetrikos Laughing Alone with Slaad

How ya'll doin'? Let's catch up on our Adventurers shall we?

First we cleared out the druid hostel in the harbor, Next we cleared out the Portable Hole Wizzy Tavern.Now we take three steps to the left and talk to Surna Garnok.

I wonder if Mogar Drim and Surna Garnok have ever dated, and do Half-Orc women take the last name of the Half-Orc man, or vice versa? I think I like the sound of Mogar Garnok better than Surna Drim (. . . sorry, I'm easily distracted by shipping Half-Orcs.)

Surna is just a hub of information for the  Devil's Gambit quest line, and she's a great spot to get exactly where you need to go next. For our next stop off, we're going to a fun little warehouse belonging to the Twelve.

Once we arrive, Genna Tesamarides gives you the scoop. Listen, they've tried to take care of things themselves, but the teams they send in to the storage area just never come back.  AWESOME, RIGHT?!  There's certain death in there!  This has all the makings of the best Storage Wars ever!

The Twelve have all kinds of nasty magical items in there and you can bet Arraetrikos wants something in there. And sure enough as soon as you poke your head into the instance he starts rambling on about an Eldritch Attractor he found and how he's going to use it in a ritual.  Let's review that list again:

- Planer Awl, check
- Transfinite Compass, check
- Eldritch Attractor, check

What's an Eldritch Attractor?  I dunno . . . um . . . it attracts Eldritch thingy's? 

Yup, looks like something Harry would be into. (Image reused from The Other Side Blog.)

Anyway, all in all, this is sounding like a great opportunity to rifle through the crates and goodies of The Twelve . . . let's do this thing!


Step 1: Arraetrikos Laughing Alone with Slaad. (If you don't get that joke, please click here)

Step 2: Throw four switches, unleashing four elementals who all need to STAHP THE MADNESS! STAHP!

Step 3: Run down the hall and throw the last switch at the entrance.

Step 4: Dehorn all Devils on your way up a ramp and off to the left.

Step 5: Moar Devil dehorning down a couple of alcoves.

Step 6: Throw a switch that's hiding between the bookcase and a planter in one of those alcoves . . . now that's some descriptive spot text.

Step 7: If your search is pretty solid (somewhere above true seeing -- and find secret doors spell ain't cutting it -- I had to get my search up to 33 before I could find it on normal), you'll be able to get into a secret room with a locked chest. Gotta get that open . . . USE THE FORCE, LOOT!

Step 8: Behold the magic box room! Run through invisible boxes and smash through the "for realsies" boxes and get two crests.

Step 9: Back down the ramp you came from and . . . the devils just keep-a-comin' to Georgia for a fiddle fight, don't they?! And a fiddle fight they shall get!

Step 10:  Put the crests in the slots and it's now time to behold all the magical stored treasures of the twelve . . . like this amazing giant sized 20-sided dice. 

(Please tell me that model is reused somehow as a ship amenity.)

Step 11: More fiddle fights . . . and a bit of circus-taming. HELLO LORDS OF DUST!

Step 12: Ok, things gonna get a bit complex here:

Substep 12a: Flip the switch past the broken bars in the First room to the left

Substep 12b: Flip the switch past the open gate near the end of the tunnel -- bash boxes and stuff to get to it.

Substep 12c: Flip the switch from back at the beginning of this storage area where a now open gate allows you to pass through -- there's another invisible box gag here. It's fun.

Step 13: Go past the gate at the end that used to be locked and hang a left into the alcove.

Step 14: Use the three valves and wheels here in this alcove. Two on the north wall, one on the south.

Step 15: Scoot across to the other alcove and give that other lever a pull.

Step 16: Scoot across back to the original alcove and go through that super secret door you just opened and follow it down. 

Step 17: *cough* fire resists.

Step 18: Kill the two back up singers for Earth, Wind, and Fire.


Step 20: Back on up, down the hallway you were originally heading down before being so rudely distracted with wheels, levers, and rest shrines . . . and kill more devils and occultists, would ya?

Step 21: See that big wall of crates there?

 yeah, that's actually a little mini-maze that eventually leads you to a switch. you drop back down, go across the way, flip three more switches and . . . WHOA! ROOM WITH FOUR CHESTS! 

Step 22: Realize there's only one real chest and three more bite-y chests.  Don't miss that opportunity to see bite-y chests in action.

Step 23:  Would you Designers just stop distracting me with all the loot and side quest stuff? 

Step 24: Head down to the very end of the hall where you Gur'noras is playing with his Codex and LAY THE SMACK DOWN.

Step 25: Note the amazing way that Slaad dance before you kill/banish/defeat/whatever you do to them.

Step 26: Get that last loot chest and get the heck out of there.

Step 27: Report back to Genna while hiding all the loot you stole from the magical storage shed and . . . we're done! YES!


And now the question . . . how'd I like it? I liked it! It's a long instance, which means more xp . . . and if you skip the backup singers for Earth, Wind, and Fire encounter and the mimic chest gag, you can finish this up pretty quickly. I like options. I'm keeping my options open. I'm not opting out of options. I've got more options than an optometrist with bad eye sight. (I stopped making sense a long time ago, it's ok friends.)

There's more "Devil's Handiwork" loot in here, so if you're looking for the whole set of five, you'll be running this a lot.

Thanks for reading and until next time . . .

Happy Dueling

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