03 April 2016

Death Aura -- Don't Leave Stormreach Without It!

I just wanted to give a huge virtual high five to "frimless" who left a comment on my "welcome back" / "I'm a necro now" post!

"Lesser Death Aura does a pretty good job of healing you up (and your skeleton too). I still miss the days when it lasted a bit longer... You can buy potions of Inflict harm at the Portable Hole & maybe somewhere else. But yes, there were a couple of times when I was lying on the floor with -5 hit points that I really wished there was another mage around with the death aura active. I think a party of necromancers with skeletons and summons would rock. - Frimless"

That's the key I was missing. DEATH AURA. And to make things even sexier, Lesser Death Aura stacks with Death Aura. I've been having a blast running around with my amazing heal-over-time while in vampire mode and smacking things to death as a necromancer.

HE'S GONNA BE SINGING AN OCTAVE HIGHER! *sings* "Pelvic punch man!" I was having so much fun punching things with my handwraps, that I started to feel like I wanted to take a level of monk. (Oh wait, there's that whole "lawful" alignment thing . . . um, maybe fighter?)

As I get deeper into the skill trees, I'm getting more and more excited about this necromancer. I'm level 11 now, and things just seem to crumble. So much more fun with that death aura / vampire combo running.

Anyway, I'm level 11 now. On my way here I've conquered the usual fare of foes . . . like beholders in need of a little trim off the top . . .

Yup, I did the whole Vault of Night / Laughing Knives suite of quests as well as headed over to the Red Fens and conquered the ziggurat . . . inside and out. There are some amazing screenshot moments in this quest series btw. Here's a few I snapped that I felt were worthy of a share (click on these to enlarge):

PRETTY! (Also deadly . . . I didn't survive that pit)

Also, remember last post where I was going off on how hilarious the kobolds were with their one-liners. Yeah, the Blessed Drow Scorpions just don't pack the same punch with their one-liners.


Anyway, I've ventured into the Menechtarun Desert for the time being and hope to grab more stellar screenshots while there . . . like this one I snapped earlier today! Check it out:

Now that's worth the price of admission. Am I right? Did I mention how much I love snapping screenies in DDO?

Happy Dueling!

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