31 March 2016

Progenitor Crystals vs. The Kobolds

I've recently been playing through the second tier of the Lava Caves Cannith missions to earn more jade scorpions so I can upgrade the items I bought at level 4-5. It was tough remembering the routes to the progenitor crystals, but eventually I got it and ye' ol' memory kicked back in . . . and after a couple of fails . . . I was ROCKING THE SCORPIONS!

Can I just say how much I love the commentary from the Kobolds as they pick up that giant progenitor crystal and haul it back to camp? It's my new favorite thing in DDO.

You may have to click on these pictures to see them fully, but:

"Wide load kobold, coming through!"

"Are you telling me I have to haul this thing ALL THE WAY!"

"Oof, this thing is heavier than it looks."

"Kobold can't... see... anything."

I remember struggling quite a bit with this mission back in the day, and Ophiga actually ranted about it on her blog once . . . but I've got this DOWN now. No worries. In fact, it's probably something I should make a YouTube video of.

. . . love me the Cannith challenges.

Happy Dueling!

29 March 2016

The Dell Eras

Dude, you're getting a DELL!

We've all lived through the Dell Eras, but have we all lived through Deleras? eh? eh? See what I did there?


Can I just say this NPC gives me the heebeejeebees?

That FACE! I get it though . . . poor guy is all haunted and standing outside a necromancer's lair for his whole existence. The Friendly Necromancer needs his own NPC as well.

I think I'd want the NPC outside of my lair to be a green unicorn though. Yeah, that sounds about right for The Friendly Necromancer's Lair. Anyway, yes, I did the whole suite of Delera's missions twice and ended up solidly into level 8 in the process. Good times there, and I ended up doing a lot of commanding of undead! There's nothing more satisfying than having this guy chuck lightning bolts for me (although they seem weaker than my lightning bolts /shrug)

This led to a lot of awkward moments for my cleric hirelings though. I don't know how appreciative they were of all the backhugs from skele-friends. I guess as long as they're getting paid, right?!

Lemme tell you, getting a cleric hireling with Dispel Magic is a good idea when you're a necromancer in a Delara's dungeon. Waiting 1-4 minutes for these guys to be uncharmed in a situation where you have to defeat all of them to get a door to open is not ideal. (I know what you're saying . . . stick to Firewall, kid. SHUT UP!)

OK, fine, Firewall it is . . .

*wipes hands* and that's Delara's! Can I just say that the end of the Delera's adventure is really weird still? I remember being a little confused because it wasn't 100 percent clear you were supposed to go talk to Delara in an instance after talking to Mr. heebeejeebee above . . . and then do it again a second time?! Amiright? It's strange! Are you feeling me on that?

Anyway, if you just READ the quest text and piece it together (yup, I had to go digging to find out you press "L" to open up your quest log in DDO), you eventually find your way around to wrap it up so you can get your amazing VOICE OF THE MASTER trinket. word? word!

So what's next for Mr. Necromancer? Well, I'm open to suggestions, but I was thinking of wandering over to the Necropolis (another seemingly great spot for necromancers) and maybe back to Cannith for a bit to get upgraded versions of my favorite gear. I LOVES ME SOME CANNITH MISSIONS!!

Thanks for reading.

Happy Dueling.

26 March 2016

Hello from the Other Side!

Why hello there! It's been, what, three and a half years?

WHAT?! No . . . say it isn't so! Three and a half years was simply a blink of the beholder's eye!

Well, that's what happens when real life gets in the way and your static group becomes lost in a world of superheroes. It's true, we entered into DC Universe Online and . . . we're still in there. I really think Lord Spode of Team Spode finally found his perfect game. He loves it. It wasn't all DCUO though, we also took a short break to play some GuildWars 2 . . . yeah that didn't last long. Let's just wrap up the catch up in general and say . . . LISTEN, I'VE BEEN PLAYING A LOT OF OTHER GAMES! SHEESH!

So why am I back in the world of DDO right now? Well, a week ago, I felt something . . .

It was this feeling that maybe, just maybe perhaps I was feeling a bit unfulfilled because I never rolled a necromancer in DDO and tried it out.  I mean, after all, I am The Friendly Necromancer . . .

And that's exactly who I am now.  Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to . . .

"Thefriendly Necromancer"

My little Drow Necromancer is now level 7 and rising. Here's how it's broke down so far:

1- I started him at level 4 . . . because I could . . . some old veteran's benefit thing let me do that. WOOT!

2- The first "real" thing I did was run him over to the Cannith missions because that was totally my gig back in the day, and . . . yup . . . it was like riding a bicycle.


3- At the end of the day, I was bouncing a bit between Cannith missions and Searing Heights and dinged level 5 without many issues.  Sure, it took a bit of figuring out which keys did what, and I'm still amazed at exactly how many hotbars it takes me to play DDO, but it is what it is.

4- By the time I hit level 6 I had a full set of Cannith mission gear. You know what I'm talking about:

  • Rock Boots
  • Frozen Tunic
  • Bracers of Wind
  • Blasting Chime
  • Cloak of Flames
  • Ring of Master Artifice

That stuff!

5- After that I looked up Level 6 missions and saw that good ol' Three Barrel Cove was right in line for that level, so I went and did the suite of missions once through, killed 750 things in the cove, and payed a visit to my all time favorite party barge:

 . . . and my all time worst puzzle room (Not really, but it feels that way) . . .

. . . and as they say in Finding Nemo, just kept swimming.

(I love screenshots in DDO)

So there you go! For now I'm enjoying all that is the world of Eberron.

What's next, you ask?!  Well, I'm thinking I may go check out Delera's Tomb and surrounding quests.  It's been a while since I've been over that direction, and as a master of necromancy, this should be right up my alley. (If there's one thing I do well as a necromancer in DDO so far, it's stop the undead in their tracks.)

What do I think of the Necromancer specialization so far, you ask?! (You're asking all the right questions today . . .) So far it's not bad! I like my skeleton pet, and I've got him pretty buffed out.  As long as I keep him hasted, he does pretty good. I also like my health sacrificing spells.  I'm not quite sure what to think of the undead combat forms though.  I soon realized that my cleric henchman didn't seem to want to heal me or my skeleton, since we're classed as undead. Hmmm, I need to read up a bit on how that all works or what would work better.  I'm not really doing much with multiclassing . . . just sticking on the necromancer line so far, but . . . if I have any revelations, I'll be sure to pass them along. (and vice versa!)

See you next time!

Happy Dueling.