26 April 2016

Devils, Mindflayers, Beholders . . . and whatever this is . . .

Hello fine denizens of Stormreach! How the heck are you today?

Doing good?


As promised by the title . . . I've got a plethora of amazing screenshots from the past couple of days to share with you today.

We've got DEVILS!

Oh so many Devils!  So, the Devil's Gambit Adventure pack is one that I completely skipped last time I was playing DDO.  Actually, I don't even think it was available when Team Spode was playing DDO.


Yup, verified . . . this here is 2015 content. Nice!  I should go back through the four adventures and really give this a good review then, shouldn't I?  I will do that . . . for now . . . just know that I enjoyed the devil slaying very much and took a few great pictures while I was at it.

. . . on to the MIND FLAYERS . . .

Well, at least the only Mind Flayer that really counts in my mind (aside from Fred). I love that picture of Yaulthoon.  It looks like he's really feeling the Psionics there as I put my targeting circle right on his armpit.

BTW, bonus points for anyone that can tell me how to remove that targeting circle while taking screenshots.

Anyway, as evidenced from this screenshot, I finished up the quest, In the Flesh, and I had an amazing time doing it if I do say so myself (shhh, bonus screenshot at the end of this post)

. . . on to the BEHOLDERS . . .

And not just any Beholder, that's Dead Pykzyl.  I guess that technically makes him a Doomsphere, but hey . . . a beholder is a beholder to The Friendly Necromancer. eh?

I was just happy to snag some extra loot and exp, and survive. Especially with that scary warning that this is an extreme encounter tuned for a balanced group when you're in there solo.


. . . on to WHATEVER THIS IS . . .

Seriously, I'm sorry for that, but when I found that in my screenshot folder, I just jumped for joy. Apparently that's an Orthon.  It's a new kind of Devil, uh, Evil Outsider, uh, Lawful Evil type of monster that's packed into Devil's Gambit pack.

I was playing dentist.

Unfortunately for him it was a very cruel dentist that needed to defeat him and take those pearly whites as treasure.

Yup, it's decided . . . I need to give a full review on The Devil's Gambit.  That picture sealed the deal.

Speaking of cool pictures from The Devil's Gambit . . . how about this shot of House Cannith at night during the Multitude of Menance quest?

That's a good bonus.  I always love when I can look up and admire a night sky.  Thanks, Turbine!

OK, and here's bonus screenshot dos . . .

Oh man, I missed that Fashion Show so much.  I had completely forgotten about it, and . . . 10/10 fashions there.


Well, thanks for joining for this quick screenshot sharing post.  I'm sitting at level 14 in game and rising. I hope to have more posts and fun for you soon.

until then . . .

Happy Dueling.

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  1. If i remember correctly i tricked Lessah and her girls into the Pykzyl room during one of their streams 😆
    Yaultoon and the fashion show are great fun, well captured!
    Keep the blogging about your adventures going, i love reading them!!