11 April 2016

Spooky Ghost Mans vs. Kooky Monkey Mans

YO! How's the party people doing?

So . . . I'm all evil looking now, floating around in a T-pose like I'm some kind of spooky half man / half undead.

And that picture pretty much sums up what I've been doing. After dinging 12, I decided to take the much needed Cannith break to trade in my old gear for new gear. I made my big list before ever stepping in to a Cannith mission of exactly what I needed and struck through them as I accomplished each.

600 mephit wings
800 scorps
400 coins
400 crude talismans
200 manuscripts
200 arrowheads

WOOT! All my gear has been upgraded now, and I'm doing great. I have been kind of eyeing the Elemental rapier of air, however . . . that'd be 400 scorps, 400 mephit, and 400 talisman . . . ugh, maybe later.

For now there's baby dragons to be slain!

I had the gumption to try and solo the black dragon that spawned afterward. Um, without using the rest shrine even! Yeah. Well that didn't work out for me, but at least I got some xp for the mission.

Outside of that, I've been feeling like taking down a few more wilderness areas! I'm currently hanging out in Ataraxia's Haven looking to shake down some evolutionary science . . . GETTIN' JIGGY WITH THE PRIMITIVES!

Is it just me or are their clothes super awesome? Monkey mans are one of my favorite mobs in DDO.

I'd wear that . . . or at least admire you as I kill you because I like your fashion sense. Wait a second, I'm sounding like necromancer over here.

After I do the Ataraxia thing, I'll probably hop over to my old hunting grounds of Gianthold. I loved that spot! It's been a lot of fun re-familiarizing myself with all the old haunts. Good times.

Happy Dueling


  1. They are not-so-secretly Boston Red Sox fans

  2. LOL! That actually says a lot about Boston Red Sox fans.