05 April 2016

Late but still writing in the present "Tenth" -- CONGRATS DDO!


DDO TURNED 10 YEARS OLD! (yup, old news)


Thanks, Turbine! (And if I didn't want the xp, there were a ton of old school iconic gear items I could have chosen from . . . all pretty amazing . . . these weren't cheap gifts.)

Not only that, I also got the opportunity to undertake an amazing quest so full of meta and inside jokes that any old fan will find something to entertain them. Behold the Anniversary Party quest splash screen.

What better iconic creature to represent DDO than the ever lovable Kobold? I remember asking a friend of mine why she stopped playing DDO, and she said (and I'm paraphrasing despite using quotes), "Well, after a while all it felt like I was killing was kobolds--it was like it should just be named Kobold Hunter instead of Dungeons and Dragons." OUCH! Obviously she didn't make it past Waterworks. But, given that, I frickin' love kobolds, so it's no problem for me, and they're full of funny banter as always in the Anniversary Party quest.

There's also things like this . . .

What party would be complete without an appearance from Coyle Lovell face down on the ground?

In fact the whole thing centers around Jeets . . . you know the halfling rogue from the tutorial quest? (Well, and a handful of other appearances in game.)

He's taken to calling himself an Overlord and made a horrible decision to be the king of the Kobolds all because (. . . seriously, did some people on the DDO forums try to ship Malicia and Jeets? Is this some kind of weird inside joke? It smacks of it lol) he's got a thing for Malicia the Succubus, another iconic NPC/Boss from a handful of quests like Under the Big Top. If you don't know who she is . . . just think succubus in a top hat and fishnets, and you'll be getting the picture.

Anyway, by the end of the instance you're inside Jeet's head, helping him shake off the bad thoughts.


And to get the full five stars on this particular anniversary quest, you'll also be taking out a handful of devs in their various game forms. Cordovan? Severlin? Steelstar? Vargouille? ALL DEVS SHALL FALL BEFORE THE MIGHT OF THE PLAYERS!

If you'd like to read more about it, definitely check out the wiki page. It'll point you in the right direction. Just make sure you do these quests before April 17th, 2016. It's all going away soon. Make it so!

As for my own personal feelings about the event? Well, first, I liked it. I had a lot of fun, and I forsee me running this quest a few more times before it goes away. It's good. The rewards are cool, and I dig it. I really think they did a great job with it. You can tell Turbine wanted to make this special, and they did! The hard work was noticed and the care given to those who've played the game a long time was shown. From my point of view, this was perfect.

Now, it did feel very meta and full of inside jokes as I said earlier, but that's TOTALLY FINE! It's a 10 year anniversary--meta that thing up! AMIRITE?!

Thanks Turbine for letting me join in this celebration, and I think it was done extremely well.

Happy Dueling.

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