31 March 2016

Progenitor Crystals vs. The Kobolds

I've recently been playing through the second tier of the Lava Caves Cannith missions to earn more jade scorpions so I can upgrade the items I bought at level 4-5. It was tough remembering the routes to the progenitor crystals, but eventually I got it and ye' ol' memory kicked back in . . . and after a couple of fails . . . I was ROCKING THE SCORPIONS!

Can I just say how much I love the commentary from the Kobolds as they pick up that giant progenitor crystal and haul it back to camp? It's my new favorite thing in DDO.

You may have to click on these pictures to see them fully, but:

"Wide load kobold, coming through!"

"Are you telling me I have to haul this thing ALL THE WAY!"

"Oof, this thing is heavier than it looks."

"Kobold can't... see... anything."

I remember struggling quite a bit with this mission back in the day, and Ophiga actually ranted about it on her blog once . . . but I've got this DOWN now. No worries. In fact, it's probably something I should make a YouTube video of.

. . . love me the Cannith challenges.

Happy Dueling!

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