30 January 2012

I Wheep for thee Team Spode: A Cold Night in Perdition

I just got done reading Ophiga’s version of events last night, and she didn’t like it. ;) It wasn’t my favorite instance of all time either (not by a long shot), but I think I had much more fun here than anyone (reference my kill count numbers compared to the group).

Hey, a Fire Savant sorcerer in a world filled with ice creatures . . . what can I say . . .

I asked the group which they wanted to kill, vampires or a doomsphere boss, and only Spode spoke up and said he’d rather kill vampires because he was loving his new vorpal blade so much. That meant only one thing to me: oh yeah, we’re going to go kill the doomsphere. (Yeah, I don’t know why I even asked the group where they wanted to go. I’m crazy with power like that.)

The run to the instance wasn’t too bad. I had glanced at the map beforehand, so I pretty much knew exactly where I was headed. We took down two named on our way there and got some loot and tapestry shreds. (See! It wasn’t all bad!)

The first thing I thought when I zoned into the instance was, OH, this is different. I mean, two weeks ago we were in a veritable oven, but this week we were in a winter wonderland, filled with many Jack Skellingtons to kill.
What’s this, what’s this?
Firewall up in the air
What’s this?
Gleek’s burning white things everywhere
What’s this?
I can’t believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
It’s a Fire Savant blowing up an icy lair
What’s this?!

Yeah, I was going freaking nuts in there! :)

I personally thought the wheep bosses that needed to be killed simultaneously were fun. 1) where else do you even get to fight a wheep besides Necro IV? 2) It was like the dragons last week where we would call out the percentages each of the brothers were at. COMMUNICATION IS AWESOME! Um, speaking of that, after some fun conversation about who was on top and who was on bottom (you know, because one of the wheep brothers is on a lower and the other on an upper level), Ophiga and I were on bottom and Spode and Ulan were on top *blush*

Ophiga and I were just a little bit ahead of the DPS curve, so we kited our wheep a bit until Ulan and Spode caught up, then we killed ‘em quick when both were around 20%. SIMULTANEOUS! Yeah, there’s no double entendre in this instance at all. It's too bad wheeps aren't called whoops, and then we could say we had a lot of whoopie. (yes, I just made a joke you might hear on What's My Line).

After both of the wheeps were dead, then we crashed through the ice and proceeded on to the mega evil Doomsphere, Cholthulzz, who just really ruined the night.

Thanks party pooper. Had he been easier to kill, I think this might have been one of my favorite instances ever! I mean, ice monsters everywhere with a slippery slide down a giant pit at the end? Double Entendre simultaneous wheep whooping? That has fun written all over it! You know what it’s like? It’s like encountering a pit bull in a playground. Sure you’re sliding down the slide and enjoying the ride, but there’s a pit bull at the end that will eat your feet off. Who invited the pit bull, Cholthulzz, hmm? TURBINE DID! Thanks for ruining my day at the park. ;) Ahh well, if I want to slide around there's always the Risia Ice Games.

Seriously though, that anti-magic garbage from Cholthulzz is the worst. This is one of those places where I’m thinking, man the Enlarge feat might have been a nice addition to my character. C’est le vie. It took over half the night to kill that undead basketball of death, but luckily he didn’t ever regen his hitpoints. That was eventually his undoing.

Given all of that though . . . I think the worst part of the instance was climbing out afterwards. Thank goodness for my rock boots or I’d still be stuck at the bottom of that thing with the Doomsphere and the rest of Team Spode. I don’t know if I’ll ever see those guys again btw. It was nice grouping with them. (oh wait, I forgot about the release button, DANG!)

Happy Dueling

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  1. Yay for another update! Good writing as usual!!

    That's why i adviced you to skip Orchard ;-) it's a one-mans-show pretty much. Don't dread the others any longer, go seek other places before ya'll outlevel! (or just ignore me and continue with the fun Team Spode has, even in an iced, undead dungeon)