21 January 2012

AHA! Screenshot or it didn't happen!

Well look at this!

Welcome new people coming to check out the Stormreach Sentinel blog. Y'all are welcome to stay here and try the steak.

Just to give you all some footing, I've been talking a lot about Team Spode's adventures and the Cannith Challenges lately. Also, my wife and I just recently decided to give podcasting a shot, so if you've got time to kill (and who doesn't, right? I mean it's just "time" that you'll never get back) come take a listen (We mention DDO in the first half of the show). As a heads up, we're mostly known over on another game's community (the Wizard101 community) as "The Friendly Necromancer" and "uber wife," but I play all kinds of games since I'm kooky like that and also because I'm a writer for Game Strategyst magazine (and formerly Beckett's Massive Online Gamer).

You should also know that I've been discussing a few Turbine point giveaways with Tolero. It may be worth plugging this blog into your RSS feed reader. ;)

I'm honored to be in the community spotlight! I'm a huge fan of DDOCast, DDO Cocktail Hour (and especially since Lessah used to be a part of Team Spode), and all things Dungeons and Dragons Online (*squee* about the new expansion btw). Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to say hello in the comments below.

Happy Dueling!

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  1. Congratulations, you and your blog deserve a place in the spotlight! Enjoy the moment of fame and keep posting, we love to read!!