15 January 2012

Feelin' like a Big Mac in Orchard of the Macabre

Sometimes you just want to put a picture out on the Internet for no reason. Like I'm gonna make a post about Team Spode's adventures in Orchard of the Macabre, but let's be honest . . . this picture is all I really want to post.

The He-man Big Mac approves of the DDO MOTU. Also in the theme of the Masters of the Universe, He-Man Big Mac also approves of the institution of the Battlecat Mount as was mentioned in the latest DDOCast.

OH, also before I begin talking about the Orchard of the Macabre, Ophiga sums up our experiences in an out of cycle get together with the group last Tuesday to finish up Harbinger of Madness and take on a Cannith Mission.: read me!



Team Spode begins a new chapter in Necropolis IV. I know, I know. This expansion isn't everyone's favorite, but when you're pay to play and 3 out of 4 people in the group have purchased this expansion during yearly sales or what not, well, you pretty much have to do this area. If you're not an uber exclusive pay to play static grouper, you wouldn't understand. pffft. Just messin.

Orchard of the Macabre is a gigantic wilderness area that comes bundled with Necropolis IV. HUGE! We ran around in here and did one instance and covered only maybe a third of this adventure area. We took down two named if I remember right: Samit, the giant skeleton and we rescued Radhnik Odeen. Radhnik is kind of a small event where you get waves of undead who are attacking him, and you have to save his skin from THE EVIL!

As we were wandering around we stumbled into an instance named The Inferno of the Damned. Sure to find evil Big Macs inside, we decided to go for it. We ran it blind without referring to the wiki. We may do this instance again because of that, but you never know.

Inferno of the Damned has an interesting mechanic involving portals that port you between our world and the world of evil Big Macs aka The Oven. In that world, it's like being slowly cooked only to know that when you get out to the other side, hungry mephit children are going to be putting their grubby hands on you and taking you inside a playland filled with disease.

It's a bit of a maze to be sure. Dead ends, traps, and secret doors abound as you make your way from portal to portal. The main objective is to take down four Flame Broiled Guardians in each corner of the real world and then clean out the resulting four Cinderspawn Guardians in each corner of the oven world.

New to me was, OH MY GOSH I'M IMPORTANT HERE. Each of the torches to summon the Flame Guardians needed to be lit on fire with my magical skillz, and each of the torches to release the resulting Cinderspawn Guardians needed to be extinguished with my ice magic. I love when I feel important.

After defeating these eight bosses, you release the biggest mac daddy of all, Cinnis the Cinderspawn.

Team Spode slayed the Big Mac and collected our spoils, including the right frame of the sigil.

Unfortunately we didn't do the optional chest because . . . we didn't know about it. From what I'm reading, this is how you secure pieces for the Shield of Legend turn-in.

No worries, we still need to try this thing out on Hard Mode one of these days. :)

Next week we had planned to take a break and return to try our hands on the Blue Dragon in Gianthold Tor again, but . . . we'll see. We'll see.

Happy Dueling!


  1. With my new DPS build, I think we might have a chance at the dragons now. Unfortunately, there's no longer any reason to grind the scales for the armor because I think we all have better now.

  2. yeah, to be honest, I never really cared about the scales. I'm more about retribution at this point. :)

  3. I love it how you even get the Orchard looking like fun! ;-)
    Well, it is a fun place, if you like undead (or have the weapons/spells to deal with them).
    The only reason why i bought the Necro IV pack was for the Minos Legens which you get as a reward for collecting Tapestries.
    My advise: Next time when Team Spode ventures off into the Big Mac, go for the rares and pick up those Tapestries! (you could also do some tap farming: Zone in, check Caravan rare, hit it if it's up, then off to the Rat Pile, hit it if it's up. Clear to the closest shrine, shrine up if need be, recall out, drop group, join group, rinse and repeat)Yes, i know it is dull, but you don't wanna miss the sweetness the Minos will give you.

  4. I had actually peeked in the orchard on the sly before the group a few weeks ago and took down a few named. shhh. I have 6 tapestries already! Crazy!

    Thanks for the advice, eke!