06 January 2012

Bracers of Wind are MINE!

I know on the last post I said I'd be shooting for the Frozen Tunic, but to be honest, I'm really digging the Infused Chaos Robe I got from the Harbinger of Madness quests recently. In the end, it seemed a bigger upgrade for me to pick up the Bracers of Wind instead. Check these things out (this is the level 16 version):

My wife made fun of the name of this item after I told her I had just got the bracers of "wind." ;) RIGHT, you better brace for my wind! Obviously the perfect compliment item to the bracers of wind would be the blasting chime. You should get a set bonus for having those two items: on successful hit 10% chance to cast stinking cloud.

So, all my efforts to get these items has now left me level-capped, dangit. Team Spode has a rule that no one character can be two levels above the lowest level character in the group. Thus, I'm level capped. It's a good rule. You really have to keep within the same level as your group mates, and to be honest, I have no problem with "losing" experience. We're all so close to the top now, that it's really no big deal. Also knowing that these Cannith Challenges never stop giving great experience is good to know too. I kind of see them as a great fall back for people who are on their next lives. There's plenty of exp to be had here. (Although I'm dying to try out Fire Savant III when I finally get to take level 18.)

Next up for me, I'm thinking I'll go for the Rock Boots. The slippery surface immunity, earthgrab guard, and stoneprison guard effects are awesome! Although I rarely cast poison spells, you never know when that will come in handy. Black Dragon bolt, anyone? I'll probably have to swap my Dex bonuses over to my gloves, but that shouldn't be too hard to do.

Happy Dueling!

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