03 January 2012

Harbinger of Madness -- hard mode!

Last night Team Spode wanted to up the ante in Harbinger of Madness and run it hard mode. The hope was that this would bring us a few more gear upgrades and perhaps sprinkle us with a few more experience points. Normally right here in the post is where I would say, but boy were we mistaken! *inserts picture of Team Spode looking like steaks*. I can't do that this time though because WE ROCKED!

- Ulan picked up a Staff of Fleshshaping and the Insanity.
- Ophiga pilfered a Turbulent Epee.
- I snagged the Infused Chaos Robe.
- Spode had the pleasure of our company.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Team Spode loves Harbinger of Madness. Next week we shall attempt Yulthoon on Hard, wish us luck!

I have some fun video of Team Spode vs. Z'Miizith, the named beholder at the end of the "Missing" quest. (I like the name Z'Miizith because it makes me think of Mizithra cheese, which is delicious on The Spaghetti Factory's Mizithra Cheese Pasta with Browned Butter . . . man, I'm hungry right now) It's kind of hard to know what's going on in this video, but between my disco lights and the Beholder's prismatic sprays, it makes for a pretty awesome light show.

We were all pretty quiet last night unfortunately. Ophiga was suffering from a cold and anything more than normal mode tends to make us focus more on the task at hand and joke around a little less than normal.

Soon we'll be finishing up the Harbinger of Madness quest line and move on to something else. Necro IV has been calling us, as well as a few other areas. If you'd like to throw in your two cents on where Team Spode might head next, leave a comment below!

Thanks and Happy Dueling!


  1. Good Luck next week on Yulthoon Hard-mode!

    Let's see if i have some quest-advice for Team Spode.....so you like crazyness and madness?? You should do Delirium! It's a lvl 15 quest in the Twelve (F2P) and very entertaining! Nope, not gonna spoil anything, go see for yourself!
    And after that? I'm not a fan of the Necro quests, so unless you wanna go for the Tapestries (http://ddowiki.com/page/Tattered_Tapestries the Minos Legens is considered a must-have in DDO land)i would skip Necro 4 and go straight to The Vale (if you have the pack). The Shroud flagging quests can be challenging and fun, but also frustating if you lack specifik player-skills (looking at you Coalescence Chamber!).
    And when you all get near the lvl 17 range, you should do the Reign of Madness quests. More Madness?? Yes, More Madness!!!! Specificly Acute Delirium, it will be a blast.

    I think the above will have Team Spode busy for a few weeks, especially if you decide to do Necro 4.
    Good Luck and keep writing!

  2. First time commenting but I've always enjoyed Team Spode's adventures ;P

    Wall of text below:

    The Vale of Twilight quests are quite good imo. Rainbow in the Dark has an interesting gimmick involving, well, the dark. Ritual Sacrifice is a fairly straightforward quest with the exception of an NPC you must protect near the end. Running with the Devils features enemies you don't see anywhere else and should test group strategies. Coalescence Chamber involves a lot of platforming while Trogs attack you from above. Let Sleeping Dust Lie has a few random elements and a special kind of protection objective that begins about halfway through.

    The Reaver's Refuge has three quests (actually four but that one needs flagging). Lvl 17 quests that are a bit harder than most quests of their level. Enter the Kobold has a chess-like puzzle near the end and the battle at the end is, um, challenging and everyone should be ready to endure fireballs and meteors. Prey on the Hunter is nostalgic as you get to save the dragon from Korthos from being killed (or kill it afterwards for an optional). Monastery of Scorpion has many puzzles and deadly traps and the boss at the end is nigh invulnerable and hits very hard but solving a puzzle in his room will kill him.

    The Devils of Shavarath quests, while lvl 19, has the best looking town in the game (imho of course). The Devil Battlefield wilderness area is large and actually feels like a battlefield.

    Good luck Team Spode! And sorry for the wall of text XD