09 January 2012

Yaulthoon on Fail Mode!

Yup, here we are after our attempt on Yaulthoon on Hard Mode:

At one point we had him down to 33% . . . and were so busy killing the adds that we forgot to notice the pods at his feet.

Thus, this week, Spode steaks are on special.

Our main problem was getting separated last night, once we scattered to and fro, the mind flayers, beholders, and Xorian renders would tend to smoke us. Yaulthoon on normal mode? Well, you mostly just have to deal with Taken. Hard mode is harder.

Enjoy those steaks! We'll be back next week! It's looking like Necro IV and the Orchard of the Macabre is on the horizon for Team Spode. I keep trying to convince my cohorts to hit these Cannith Challenges with me. There is a dragon in one of these after all. Team Spode loves dragons!

Happy Dueling!

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