03 February 2012

DDO Update 13 Incoming!

Heya! Well, pretty much anybody who plays Dungeons & Dragons Online will already know about the upcoming Update #13, aka "Web of Chaos." It is there in the patcher after all.

This update is going to be all about setting up the big upcoming expansion and giving the players some much needed Free quests. That's good mojo for static groups like Team Spode.

"The Lords of Dust" will revisit our old buddies The Silver Flame who are now dealing with the Lords of Dust, an evil cult freaked out by the Rakshasas. Why does it always have to be Rakshasas?

Apparently the Lords of Dust are not a really cool alternative band, but instead peeps bent on freeing some demons.

"Servants of the Overlord" is going to be a romp down into Khyber to stop that nonsense.

And finally "The Spinner of Shadows" sounds to me like some kind of "kill waves of demons" type of event as you fight to hold off the release of the "Spinner of Shadows!" Nothing worse than a spun up shadow. I've played Epic Mickey . . . I know these things.

Also of cool news is that Veteran status will earn you a level 7 character instead of a level 4 character! I think that means I can delete 1/2 of my account. ;)

Gleek is pretty stoked about this new Omnispell Dust and Stone since it always feels like he never has enough bag space. Ingenious! You can use just one spell component! Omnidust is Omniawesome!

It's gonna be great, my fellow heroes of Ebberon!

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