07 January 2012

Rock Boots are MINE!

Earlier in the week it was the Cloak of Flames, Bracers of Wind yesterday, and today . . . ROCK BOOTS ARE MINE!

The first thing I wanted to do with these new boots was go check out the Risia Ice Games ramp and see if I could stand on it without slipping.

Nope. I guess even some areas are still too slippery . . . even with the Rock Boots. It was kind of nice to see that the Iron Defender oil spit in Rushmore's Mansion had no affect on me though.

Speaking of Rushmore's Mansion, I had my first taste of that challenge today and have been getting schooled (as to be expected). It's definitely a different challenge than all the others I've done so far with significantly less (as in no) laying of torches in a pathway. That's a nice change. I don't want to say I'm burnt out on the challenges just yet, but if I end up upgrading these items to tier 3 or the epic 20th level versions, well, yeah . . . yeah, then I'll be sick of torches.

Rushmore's Mansion seems to be more about killing as much stuff as you can and breaking every barrel in sight. I'll have more to report when I finally figure this instance out. In the meantime, I've got some reading to do on DDM's realm.

Happy Dueling!

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