24 May 2011

Welcome Lessah and Down with Speeeiders

This week we invited a new player into our fold with her oh I don't know . . . 5 years of experience with the game . . . podcasts by the bundle . . . large community involvement . . .

If you're reading this blog now because you somehow knew my accomplishments in Wizard101 and are just following me around to see what's next, this would be like adding Steven Spiritcaller to your friends list. ;-)

Lessah of DDO Cocktail Hour fame dipped her foot into our simple band of four and joined us for a night of fun and disoluteness, but mostly dissoluteness.

I was so busy having fun for the night that I really only got one screenshot, and that was all of us standing in the box of awesomeness at the end of the Shadow Crypt.

We loves us some easy exp from the Shadow Crypt. :)

After our Shadow Crypt run we decided to try out the Spawn of Whisperdoom quest since it's free to play and we're quickly running out of free to play material. Spawn of Whisperdoom is divided into a few sections. At first you're in a jungle clearing where invisible demon dogs lie in wait and entirely visible ogres threaten to squish the squishies like me. We did fine though and managed to dispatch all of the entry mobs without much problem . . . except Lessah got held by a hold spell and almost died. *snicker* Of course when you come into a group and you've got all this clout and expectation of super human performance, you know the game is just out to get you. hehe.

The majority of this instance is a large tunnel system full of a new kind of evil . . . a diabolical never before seen type of evil!!

pfft, all evilness is nothing compared to the evil of the speeeider! It's an MMO CLASSIC!

Spider hunting is definitely what we were up to. For the most part, this instance is a breeze with a group, aside from a stray lightning bolt or random trap, it's not too tough. The worst of the worst in this instance though is Whisperdoom herself! She's a large, nasty spider who is hasted with regenerative properties and likes to inflict you with burning blood and horrid wilting. *shiver*

Although the DDO wiki guide suggests she's incredibly resistant, I had read on a forum somewhere that fire works, and since I'm a fire spec sorcerer, I didn't worry too much about things like disintegrate scrolls or what not.

Whisperdoom was tough though and a good fight. There was an awesome moment where we were down 3 members of the group (including the NPC cleric) and Whisperdoom still had half her life. It was time to mana dump all I had into a stream of fireballs right at whisperdoom. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Terrifying. Truly Terrifying--especially with my hitpoints.

The true heroes there were Lessah and Ulan as they spammed me with heals and kept me afloat until Whisperdoom went down. YES! VICTORY!

. . .

The rest of the dungeon was spent wandering around killing respawns as we hunted for Whisperdoom's chest, which we never found. Supposedly there are four chests in this instance: one in the Village, one in the Hatchery (heretoforeverafter known as "The Snatchery" . . . don't ask), and two in the Lair.

All we found were the three collectables: Splinterskull Battle Standard, Splinterskull Historical Documents, and Silver Goblet. That's ok though as those collectibles got Ulan, Spode, and Ophiga a turn in reward above and beyond that for completing the instance (and the rest if us got some bonus exp :)).

It was a good night for the static group and good to have Lessah among our ranks!

Thanks for the fun, and as always, happy dueling!

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