14 May 2011

Adventures in Soloing: Yikes BEHOLDERS!

Most Saturday mornings I log on Gleek and farm Gwylan's seven times and then log off. It's just kind of my way of keeping the cash flow going enough to afford spell components and random stuff.

I did that today as well, and things went as normal as ever, but then I started hunting for things I had never done before in places like the Harbor. You know, do a little faction farming . . . that kind of thing.

Then I remember there was this uber quest in the Harbor that I had never peaked my head into and it piqued my interest (see what I did there?). So I decided to try the quest, "Invaders!" just to see how fast I'd die.

The short answer was relatively fast.


BEHOLDERS! This was, in fact, my first encounter with a beholder in DDO and I was pretty stoked about it. I also learned that using line of sight was huge with this massive floating evil heads of evilness. Just look at that thing.

Roasted beholder anyone?

Well, after dying a handful of times, I decided to recall and get the heck out of dodge. I must say that I LIKED IT! It was pretty cool to see the waterworks in a whole new light. One where the kobolds were outta there and evil alien invaders were in there. Really fun to play through, and I have to give Turbine props for this quest. I definitely want to go back in here with my crew and give this a shot in . . . a few levels.

Happy Dueling!


  1. Hi Friendly. Cool blog. I recently started playing DDO, and I love it. It is cool to see that there is even more parts of the game. I have a level 2 human paladin-Fin

  2. @F&Q: Cool. Enjoying Korthos?