12 May 2011

DDO Schedule

The most recent schedule I published to the DDO Static group looked a little like this:
24 April: Shadow Crypt wrap up with Ulan (unless that gets done out of cycle)
1 May: Delera's "From Beyond the Grave" and "And the dead shall rise" if time to do both
8 May: Mother's Day (might want to take this one off -- jus' sayin')
15 May: Spawn of Whisperdoom and Made to Order
22 May: The Enemy Within
29 May: Dreams of Insanity
5 June: Sands of Menechtarun
12 June: Sands of Menechtarun
19 June: Sands of Menechtarun
26 June: Sands of Menechtarun

On 24 April, we actually did finish up Shadow Crypt with Ulan and life was wonderful. Glad to get that finished. On 1 May instead of doing more Delera's quests, we did more delera's quests . . . well, one Delera's quest, which was "The Enemy Within"! WOW! We were so unprepared for that quest (MINDFLAYERS! EEK!), but I guess that's what makes it fun, right? Right!

I think we'll go ahead and try Spawn of Whisperdoom and Made to Order this week, and see how it goes. Any advice would be great!

Maybe for 22 May we'll put what we were supposed to do for 1 May, and I'm STILL CONFUSED ON WHETHER WE'RE DOING SANDS OR NOT!


We'll see.

I gotta go to work.

More later!

Happy dueling!

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