28 May 2011

Crafting Update from Gleek

Just a quick note that I'm continuing to level my crafting, and I can tell I'm about to start hitting a slow down with crafting progression. check it out:

What do those levels mean? Well, it means I'm about a third of the way there with my arcane crafting levels since there are 75 levels to be earned in total for each type of crafting. What I'm also noticing is that I'm really starting to get into some crafting shards that I'd actually consider saving instead of deconstructing for more raw materials.

That's also something I didn't get at first . . . you can take the shards you create and deconstruct them so you have more materials for construction. OHHHHHHH!

I decided to be a bit more risky with my crafting recipes as well and try for some 50 percent chance combines instead of my usual 75 or 85 percent chance combines. For the most part I was lucky and earned some really nice crafting exp for my risk taking. What I like is that I don't lose all the components when I have a failed attempt. I only lose maybe one or two of each component type. Other MMOs have been more brutal. I like this method. *thumbs up*

Anyway, now, instead of dumping all of my extra loot into the auction house, I keep it for crafting, and when I get a piece of gear that's just has a straight modifier like +4 plate . . . my reaction is kind of . . . meh . . . actually, those are the pieces I usually end up sending to the auction house.

Happy Dueling!

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