06 May 2011

Crafting Egads!

**Update** If you're looking for a good DDO crafting guide, Compendium just came out with a ginormous how-to for crafting. It does a much better job than my hack job go read it (click). **Update**

Well, I can now say I've spent about an hour or so on the new crafting update that came with Update 9 to Dungeons and Dragons Online. Here is how my leveling sits so far on Gleek:

What does that mean? Well, it means I'm a step closer to crafting better stuff, or seven steps closer in the case of any "Arcane" based crafting items. For each item that you craft, you receive experience based on how difficult the recipe was that you attempted. For instance, after hitting 100% chance for crafting a sword with acid touch on it, the experience rewards for crafting that same sword diminished until only 3 exp was given per sword created.

The entire process takes place in 3 or 4 rooms of the Crafting hall in House Kundarak. If you look above the doorways in the crafting hall, you're kind of given the basic formula for how crafting works.

You buy a deconstructing "potion bottle" from a vendor not pictured in that formula, but afterwards you take your item to the deconstruction room and combine it with your deconstruction "potion". The next room you take the resulting pieces and add it with crafting elements to create a shard. Finally, you take your shard and craftable blank item to door number three and create a new magic item.

. . .

It's incredibly confusing. You will find yourself running in and out of doorways and just kind of wishing they would have put it all in one room, but whatchagonnado.

I've tried to explain crafting to the people in my static group a couple of different times and pretty much failed both times. I fear this blog post won't help much either. In the end, crafting in DDO is just something you have to "do" to understand. Once you've deconstructed and reconstructed an item or two, you'll have it figured out.

And, if you're doing crafting for any length of time, you'll want to do what I did, and lay down some money for an ingredient bag from the DDO store. There's just so many pieces and components you're left with, that you're going to want to spend the money to get the extra bag. Having bag space is just too valuable not to go that route in DDO.

. . .

Just for kicks, I think I'll copy and past my e-mail to the static group where I tried to explain how crafting works. Uhhhh, not my best writing. Enjoy!

Basically you have a crafting hall in House K that you HAVE to go to to craft, right? In there you have a north end and a south end, which are both identical except for one end has an auctioneer and the other has a banker.

So check this out, you have THREE different crafting machines you need to use. So ridiculous. One machine is for deconstructing gear into basic elements and for deconstructing basic elements. One machine is for crafting shards from the basic elements or (I believe) for deconstructing basic elements into even more basic elements (I know, right? Completely stupid). One machine is for taking your shards and combining them with a base item to create something new.

It's uber confusing as to which machine you run up to.

Anyway, I spent some time taking a couple items and deconstructing them and combining them and ended up making a +1 sword with a really meaningless suffix ability (like +to sneak or something) just to get some practice and to level up my skill.

To make things worse, the whole crafting system is still in Beta and all the really good modifiers (+5 and above) are not even there. But you need to level your crafting on low level and mid level items first anyway.

The benefit of this is finding the perfect suffix abilities to fit the perfect slot in your gear since that can be challenging. AND, the other benefit is that all your items in the auction house will sell pretty good as people are buying them up to deconstruct them or get a base component from them.

Take a night to mess around with it, and you'll kind of see what I'm talking about.

At this point, it's just not worth it to me.

In the future, however, it may be the only answer to "perfect" your gear . . . and since we really don't care about that shizz in our ragtag band of paladins, oh well.


Now if they ever include an ability that you can ONLY get through crafting, then I'll totally change my tune.

Hope that convinces you of . . . something . . . and if you know something I am not seeing yet, PLEASE let me know if the comments below.

Happy Dueling!

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