02 May 2011

Snitching on the Snitch

There's a pretty fun level 5 quest in House Phiarlan with moderately nice xp awards called The Snitch that I've been hitting over and over with my level six (now seven) bard. I like this quest, and that's probably because the first time through it wasted me at the end.

Yes yes, I was being cocky and didn't even summon a hireling . . . well . . . I was being stupid and forgot to check if I had a hireling with me in my bags and after completing the majority of the quest, felt uber enough to take down the whole thing. I was doing pretty good too, right up until Garos. This fella.

Yeah, that's him standing over my corpse. :)

I ran back into the quest to finish it with a hireling only to find out that . . . ah crap, you can't finish this quest if you die. It puts up a pink force field (pink is always the best color for a force field) and I couldn't get back to Garos. It was extremely strange. I could send my hirelings in to attack Garos (they seemed bugged and could run through the force field . . . apparently immune to pink power), but even when they killed him, I didn't get credit for the quest.

After a big sigh and a long walk where I did some honest soul searching about the hours I've wasted on MMOs, I decided to go back in and do The Snitch proper . . . and that means summoning hirelings at the entrance. Good times.

Here's an X-fire video of that final fight with Garos.

I tried to keep it entertaining. :)

Side note: There is an option to earn an additional 10% by sneaking past some sleeping dogs. Yeah, I still couldn't get those dogs in the instance to stay asleep by myself. I'm pretty sure that to make that happen it would take two people: one to drop down in sneak to pull the lever and one to cross the roof to get credit for not waking the dogs.

OH, and I must say, The Snitch also features one of the most entertaining bosses I've ever fought: BEHOLD THE MIGHTY CRATEOS!


Happy Dueling!

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