16 May 2011

Vampires and Ophiga's Love Interest

The plan with the Sunday night static group and The Shadow Crypt worked perfectly! Check it out: First, I logged on Aweso (my bard who was flagged for The Shadow Crypt) and then everybody else in the static group joined up. Next, everyone entered the instance, and I logged Aweso out and logged Gleek back in.

Bada bing Bada boom, we were running The Shadow Crypt again for some super nice exp! WOOT!

The only problem was getting everybody to log in on time instead of fashionably late, and by everybody I mean Spode. hehe. It's alright though, he timed it perfectly to join up as we had dimension door'd it back to the entrance just as he logged on.

Again, the wiki page for this maze of an instance was super helpful. Last night we were in "Instance Three" of The Shadow Crypt since the room to the east of the entrance was blue. HOW THE HECK PEOPLE FIGURED THIS OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE IS AMAZING. Props to those people since this instance is horribly confusing. *insert props head nod*

Our path in instance 3 meant we needed to travel east, dimension door to beginning, north, west, west, west, west, north, north, north, south, south, north, west, west, east, and east.

. . . and then we were lighting up Vampire treats for Roasted-Vampire snack-time.

. . . special note here, the balding fella in front here is the Favored Soul NPC known as Roshan . . . also now known as Ophiga's love interest. LOL. Jussssst Kiiiidding, Ophiga!

But seriously, the vampire was so jealous of Ophiga's love for Roshan he went all Jedi death grip on him!

It was ok, we finished the Vampire was off before any real damage was inflicted to Ophiga's "friend."

Anyway, the only real trick to finishing this instance is that you need to find a gear from every room you visit along your pathway, even the water maze rooms. :) If you do this, then you get a giant chest at the end that fits six comfortably.

Reminds me of the old days when driving my Pinto at lunch time with all my friends packed in to head to McDonald's.


After our Shadow Crypt run we decided to head into the Temple of Vol to try the Church and the Cult quest in House Phiarlan (or "House P" as the cool kids call it). Joe had run the instance on Hard mode and unlocked Elite, so we decided to give it shot. The only problem was that Ophiga was a little low to detect all the traps and those elite traps HURT. It got to be too comical, so we started over on Hard and once again we were lighting up Vampire treats for roasted-Vampire snack-time.

WHOA! Wait, wrong screenshot folder. sorry about that. *blush*

Uh, yeah, here we go . . . he was pretty confident we weren't going to leave his place alive, but we knew there was a NPC outside waiting for us afterwards, and that was all the motivation we needed to pull out the win!

Had a ton of fun last night with the crew!

Happy dueling!

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