19 May 2011

Ok, fine . . . DDO crafting is kind of fun :p

So, you may have read my earlier rant about crafting here. It's still true though, every bit of it. It's confusing as heck. Any game mechanic that requires 17 printed pages to explain, is most likely too confusing. What 17 pages? oh yeah, you have GOT to check out the new compendium write up on DDO crafting. Really well done and it also features this awesome picture:


Seriously though, I got into a crafting groove today and started buzzing from creating shards out of all the loose components floating around in my crafting bag, and then deconstructing those shards for more components.

The end result is that I've leveled up a bit in crafting. WOOT!

And it was so fun I needed to run over here and tell my audience of five people that it definitely had a "buzz" worthy quality to it.

I may have been a little harsh on Turbine in my first post, but I'm changing my tune. Between reading the new 17 page guide and playing around with transmuting and deconstructing this morning . . . I'm sold. I genuinely like DDO crafting. It just took me a while to overcome the confusion.

Happy Dueling!

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