03 May 2016

Devil's Gambit, Part 4 -- Of Magewrights and Carbon Copies

Friends! Adventurers! Rakasha lovers! Lend me your ears.

For it is review time . . . First we cleared out the druid hostel in the harbor, Next we cleared out the Portable Hole Wizzy Tavern, then we had some good laughs with the Slaad, and today the ever wonderful Surna Garnok is porting us off to the magical zone of Cannith, which seems to continue to be my favorite chill spot in DDO. TAKE ME TO THE CHILL SPOT, SURNA!

. . . and that she does after letting you know, things ain't so chill in Cannith . . . and particularly in a "smaller workshop" belonging to a "Magewright." What kind of Magewright are we talking here? I'm assuming a Cannith Tinker, but if I'm going in a Wordsmith's Hall, these eff'ers better get ready for a write off! *cough cough* yeah, never mind about that last sentence.

Once arriving in Cannith we're greeted by a sexy bearded man known as Belmont D'Cannith. He's in a huff because the local Magewright Hall just got raided by a bunch of demons, humans, and pride of Rakshasa. He figures they're not after the horde of Cannith Crystals in there, but instead something known as a Planar Containment Generator. Let's review the final list:

- Planer Awl, check
- Transfinite Compass, check
- Eldritch Attractor, check
- Planar Containment Generator, check

Wait a second . . . he's going to make some kind of epic shroud raid out of all this isn't he? All too predictable, Harry.

ANYWAY, I'm good with doing my part to stop the hubbub in Cannith and who knows, there might be something amazing in that there Magewright Hall for an adventurer. I'm an adventurer, so LESDOTHIS!


Step 1: As per normal, Arraetrikos has already found what he was looking for and we're just here to listen to him bark commands to his buddy . . . this time it's new Tiefling buddy named Carver.

Step 2: Admire the sneaky Tiefling as he uses the Codex page to create copies of himself so he can multitask better. Nice one, Carver!

Step 3: Kill the copies and any extra demon'y things that come along. It's like you're working at Kinko's in the 90's next to a college campus. (little known fact, I used to work at a Kinko's next to a college campus . . . I'm prepared for this . . . IT'S RECYCLING TIME, TIEFLING!)

Step 4: Again, admire the sneaky Teifling as he holds a quick hallway meeting with a Rakshasa. Apparently Carver hasn't learned that quick hallway meetings always end in disaster. This is an unspoken office rule that shall never be undone.

Step 5: Kill the Rakshasa and a gaggle of demons, and recycle more copies of Carver.

Step 6: Head downstairs. There's a locked door to your left and one of those freaking puzzle maze rooms to the right. I think you know what comes next.

Step 7: Clear out some baddies in an office next to the puzzle room. HA! I bet you thought Step 7 would be to solve the puzzle room . . . you were wrong. SO WRONG! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IT'S ACTUALLY STEP 8! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Step 8: Solve the puzzle room.

. . . I'm not going to write a guide on actually solving this puzzle room . . . take a breath, you've got this . . . click the tiles . . . make the ends light up . . . there you go. See? It's super easy and doesn't need a guide anyway. But listen, make sure to kill any Golem Juggernaughts along the way if you want some bonus exp. I loves me some bonus exp!

Step 9: Open the door and listen as Carver does that "evil villain" thing and tells you exactly how he's going to destroy you . . . blah blah blah, I need Cannith Crystals to make copies of myself . . . blah blah blah . . . oh look, I'm in a warehouse full of Cannith Crystals *insert evil laugh*.

Step 10: Kill a bunch of Carver Copies. (You know, I think the name "Carbon" would have been a better name. I mean, Carver Copies is close but straight up Carbon Copies would be hilarious. Not that it always has to be about humor. Sheesh.)

Step 11: Kill a bunch of demons as you wander down the hallway and discover more locked doorways.

Step 12: Arrive in the weird acid jet trap room and admire its ridiculousness.

Ridiculous! Who would build this craziness except a Cannith Magewright trying to guard his precious lever? I mean, you'd think behind those big acid spraying pipes would be some kind of treasure chest (. . . hmmm, perhaps this is where the Planar Containment Generator was in the first place. That trap looks like nothing for Arraetrikos. I'll go with that theory.)

Step 13: Kill the mobs in the weird acid jet trap room.

Step 14: Walk along the pipes to hit a lever that stops the acid jets from spraying so you can once again hit a lever. Dude, it's lever after lever in this place.

Step 15: Go into the open air room and flip, you guessed it, another lever, which activates a floating platform that will glide you across to your next destination. Don't ask questions, this is Cannith architecture we're talking about here . . . .

Step 16: Kill more Carbon Copies and a few more demons and things.

Step 17: Search it! There's a secret door dead ahead with super secret-y loots!

Step 17a: There's a trap in here that you could probably disarm, but killing boxes is fun too.

Step 18: Solve another puzzle room and make sure to do the bonus credit puzzle moves so you can kill your last couple of Juggernauts for kicks, loot, and the XPs!

Step 19: Head back into the main hallway and pull that final lever to get into the last room. WHEW.

Step 20: Break all the boxes in the big room and just drag the agro if you want to get all your bonus xp.

Step 21: Kill both Carver and his Carver Copies.


. . . because it's pretty up there!

And there you go . . . well done adventurer.  You pretty much accomplished nothing but setting up the next story line. I know I know . . . that's not entirely true.  You stopped all the sub-plots and sub-villains.  You're amazing.

So how'd I like this quest?  I liked it, but then again I like everything.  It's in my nature.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase of the Devil's Gambit. After running it a couple of times to make these guide posts, I leveled up and I'm ready for more fun.  I'll be back to do this again I'm sure.  This particular instance looks to have a fun pair of daggers, and if I was a rogue, I might be back a few times to get the Slice N' Dice set.  More info can be found from the wiki page.

Happy Dueling!

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