15 May 2016

A tale of three bugs

Heya!  So I've been encountering a lot of "new to me" "old to everybody else" content in DDO lately. heh. Being out of the loop for a few years can do that to a returning player like myself.

I've only ever "stepped" foot into any content after Update 14, aka . . . Eveningstar. Now that I'm level 17, I've been seeing all kinds of new things.  Unfortunately I'm also encountering a few interesting bugs or strangeness.  It's probably stuff that's been talked about time and time again on forums and having resources from a DDO team spent on fixing them would probably be less than an ideal use of time.  I get that.

Regardless, I'm a blogger and reporting stuff I encounter is part of the gig. It probably won't get any bugs fixed, but at least I get it out there and can move on to whatever next random post I make, right? BLOGGER EXORCISM!

(It makes sense in a weird way . . . don't judge.)



Bug 1.

"You do not currently have access to the Wheloon Content Pack. Buy it now in the DDO Store!"

I ran into this little bad boy the other day, and thought . . . you know what . . . I've got some Turbine points, let's do this!

Unfortunately when I click that "Buy Now!" button it opens up the DDO store and it's not available for me to buy.  

I figure it's incentive to purchase a VIP membership.  I should probably do that.


Bug 2.

Aha!  The Ring of Fire mission! 

Wow!  A red dragon announcer calling the shots in a "survive this" arena full of lava and fire creatures that debuff your fire resists.  LOVE IT! I WENT DOWN DOWN DOWN into that burning ring of fire, ring of fire!

. . . and I survived the three rounds, downed a Fire Witch, and some other boss and lived to tell the tell.  It was epic!

At the end, the dragon roared out, "Congratulations, challengers! You have survive the Horde. Most entertaining. Claim your prizes and return again soon." I bolded that claim your prizes part because there were no prizes. I looked high and low for a chest and in my bags for a lockbox of some kind.


. . . unless my prize was exp and Golden Lions coins . . . which is something at least, but unlike completing the Grove of the Great Tree mission (which was significantly easier btw) where I received two chests . . . I got nada. zip. zilch.

It was still cool, just . . . a little disappointing.


Bug 3.

Mmmm . . . this one is kind of a false advertisement thing from Gerad Poplar.  He's the Challenge Trader in Eveningstar for level 16 peeps.  I was super excited by his proclamation of what I would get in exchange for all the hard work bashing through the Eveningstar missions.  Check it out.

On the left is what he said I'd get.  On the right is what I got.

Am I blind?

-An enchantment to deal harm directly to your enemies when you strike them.

I'm thinking, Hey! Like a 3d6 fire proc or something!  Unless that +4 enhancement bonus is considered an enchantment to deal harm . . . I'm not seeing it.

- An enchantment that can cause a powerful and spectacular effect which will only occur rarely when you strike.

SWEET!  I'm thinking like the fire shield proc on the Cloak of Flames from Cannith.  nope.

- An enchantment to hamper or impair your foes.


I guess the part that really sticks me on this is "their powers will always include . . ."  That really should be changed to "could possibly include" . . . unless it doesn't and Gerad is a straight up liar.  I guess I could role play that.


And those are my three bugs I recently encountered.  I know . . . kinda dumb . . . but there you go.  Here's a picture of an owlbear eating my barbarian henchman to make things better.

Happy Dueling!


  1. regarding wheloon - its part of an expansion pack which are not currently available in the DDO store since the switch to the new store. They are available at the marketplace at ddo.com (wheloon and stormhorns are the shadowfell conspiracy and MotU would be the other Xpack.

    Regarding ring of fire: pretty sure there is only an end chest if you defeat the dragon. One of the "rounds" also has a chest (its the wizard one)

  2. Thanks! So,

    1 = Bad presentation. I'll go look up the expansion pack.

    2 = Working as intended. I'll try that one out and see if I can trigger the chests.

    3 = ?

    Question for anyone reading the comments. Is there anything worth getting from the Eveningstar Missions Traders?