08 May 2016

Ribbasket Reporting for Duty Sir!

Hello friends, it is I, the Friendly Necromancer, but not everything is necromantic as it may seem in paradise. In fact, you might say thing have become just a bit more barbaric.

Aye, tis the truth. I've rolled up a dwarven barbarian on Sarlona in the attempts of joining one Samius and Lessah from DDO Cocktail Hour as they crash through the game on Fridays.  They're starting all the way at level one and rocking through the game.  

I'm in . . . and what a glorious young chunk of ribs he is, friends.

Oh, Sarlona, it's a clean slate over here. I don't have any stinkin' shared banks to pull from and whatnot, but that won't stop me!

And, sure, I like hardly ever play melee classes, but I still know how to dance in the dark while wielding a great sword.

Good times be afoot!

I'm now level 4 and equipped with a couple of Cannith Mission pieces.

See you on Fridays.

Happy Dueling

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