28 February 2012

Rabid Twilight Fans Attack!

I couldn’t help myself last night from making a Twilight joke every time one of these guys attacked us.

Oh, look, more rabid Twilight fans are attacking us!

So, as you can guess, we’ve ditched Necro IV like a dirty shirt that we spilled ketchup on and instead donned a new, fresh, and clean sweater with the scent of Bella Swan all over it. Team Spode has officially broken into the Vale of Twilight! Now where's the vampires!?

The first thing I commented on was that I was getting a huge Guild Wars feel from running around in here. Ulan seconded my emotion.

Pre-searing Ascalon, is that you? Hmmm, not as shiny I suppose, but it just kind of looked like Guild Wars to me. Yeah, maybe it’s just me . . . anyway, one thing is for sure, we like killing stuff in the Vale of Twilight!

Don’t you just love when you first break into an adventure area and it’s like exp starts rolling in left and right for kill quests and explorer points? Team Spode likes that, and that’s exactly what made the night fun last night.

One of the first things we do when out exploring a new area though is look for new dungeon-y destinations. We found our first one under the water as we attempted to best the Let Sleeping Dust Lie instance.

Basically the premise is that you have these awesome spider friends who help keep the natural order of the world of Meridia balanced. You know, circle of life? Anyway, the problem here is that a band of Rakshasas have hired on some Ogre Magi to charm the awesome spider friends into doing their bidding. The Raksashas' ultimate goal? Why bring back the Lord of Dust to life of course!! Who wouldn't want the power of Dustamancy on a whim's notice?

Yeah . . . well, we didn't even get to use the powers of dustamancy against the rakshasas since we failed it twice due to killing spiders (stinking NPCs and Gleek's awesome targeting skills), and it wasn’t until after those two failures that we realized we should have simply avoided picking up the journal until the whole darn intricate cave system had been destroyed. GUILT FREE SPIDER KILLING PLEASE! Meh, next time.

After that we didn’t want to waste all of our game time on the “Let Sleeping Dust Lie” instance, so we moved on to more explorer points and rounded out the night with a few thousand exp points under our belts.

Team Spode will be back for more action in the coming weeks as we work our way through the Vale of Twilight.

Happy Dueling!


  1. Our group did exactly the same thing the first time we hit that mission :-) Nowadays, we clear the lower tunnels, thus limiting our chance to kill spiders and enabling a kill bonus - happy days!

  2. Yay for anther update! Yay for Team Spode getting into the Vale!!
    The xp for S/E/R can be massive, some ppl cap there on questing and exploring, so you sure will hang around there for a while.
    Also, the quests are fun! Some call them horrible, some call them non-fun. But i do think they are fun. Each and every one of those quests has more to offer then just run-kill-run. Team Spode will enjoy them for sure.

    With the new quests released on Monday, will you take a side-step to explore them? They are level 16 and very fun! But even running them on level 20's would give xp, so i guess you ain't in a hurry ;-)

    Keep going strong!