06 March 2012

Why are there so many songs about Crimson foot spiders?

Oh Vale of Twilight! I feel just like Fluttershy Pony for you. Just imagine this was a halfling singing about Vale of Twilight:

One of my favorite moments from the night was Team Spode unleashing their army of Cake Djinnis:

Mmmm, fluttershy halfling likes cake! btw, congrats on the sixth birthday, DDO! And thanks for the free loot!


This week we decided to go back in to that same Let Sleeping Dust Lie instance from last week. It was a real nail-biter there at the end when we were down to our last spider:

Two things about that screenshot:

1- one spider left
2- Yes, that is a Kar-thul Harrier shakin' his derrière! WAVE YOUR ARMS IN THE AIR! WAVE YOUR ARMS LIKE YOU JUST DON'T CARE!

We kind of got lost in the tunnels there at the end trying to find all the various journals and keys and whatnot, but at least this week we cleared out those entrance tunnels before reading about how we shouldn't kill the spiders. What did we learn kids? A little lack of knowledge goes a long way! RIGHT!

Thankfully we stopped the rakshasa's plans to use dustamancy to control Eberron and earned 12k exp to boot.

Not bad! Not bad! Here's the score card:

Sorry we let you die, hirelings! Next time have a few more hitpoints.

We also collected our first Greensteel components on Sunday. Locust Husks and Shavarath Stones for all! Oh, Greensteel, you look so difficult to create. Who knows, perhaps Team Spode will finally step foot in a raid at some point, and who knows, perhaps that raid would even be The Shroud. Stranger things have happened! (Team Spode in 20 Shroud raids for an Essence of Cleansing? Um, I think not.)

Anyway, after that we rounded out the night with a few kills out in the wilds. BTW, what's up with the free meat on a stick there in the Vale? Spode stopped at every one of those and sampled the free meat on a stick.

Seriously, it doesn't get any better than free meat on a stick.


Happy dueling

1 comment:

  1. Good writing again! Love those stories!!
    glad to see you LOVE the Vale, there is so much to get there.
    Whenever Team Spode is ready for their first GS and/or Shroud give me a shout and i'll point you to a detailed guide.

    And sorry to hear about the loss of 2 hires, they don't seem to listen that well but they don't ask that much for repayment either ;-)