21 February 2012

Waiter? One Pina Colada to the Hell side of Inferno of the Damned Please

Ulan was out vacationing again so that meant the rest of us were left to fend against the wicked Orchard of the Macabre ourselves. Thanks, Ulan. I should have taken out a personal ad so you would have taken me with you.

After loading up our NPC friends we decided to head to a place we hadn't visited in a month: The Inferno of the Damned. Only this time we thought we'd try it on HARD MODE!

We missed our buddy Ulan.

Awwww! we did!

It wasn't really the NPC bard's fault, it was just the instances fault. Inferno of the Damned just kind of sucked. LOL. There was a point where Ophiga got separated from the group in the "hell" dimension and Spode and I had thee HARDEST time finding her. So much so that we wiped and wasted a bunch of time. It wan't a TPK mind you, Spode had like 5 hitpoints left and was standing in a safe spot, so the rest of the group released and came back in. YES! We were finally on the same page . . . only to wipe again because Spode was low on mana and we couldn't find the shrine. OH BRUTAL AND UNFORGIVING INSTANCE!

As with all hard mode dungeons, the real pain of the instance (especially for the squishy sorcerer and the NPCs) were the traps. I swear there was a blade trap that sliced me in two about 3 or 4 times.

The insult upon the injury was that after incineration of Cinnis (you know, the end guy of this instance), Spode and I got duplicate sigil pieces and I don't think anyone walked away with a shred of tapestry.

To be honest, I have to agree with the NPC cleric here:

I too feel awful and hope this doesn't happen again . . .

On the bright side, I think we're just about done with the Orchard of the Macabre and at least Ulan doesn't have more than 10k experience or so to make up.

Cross your fingers and wish us some fun! Team Spode is looking for something awesome as we head into our final levels before the expansion hits.

Happy dueling

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