07 February 2012

Mentos, The Fleshmaker

Possibly the best pun in the game here in Necro IV, y'all. Jus' sayin'

Yes, Team Spode continued our romp through the Orchard of the Macabre on Sunday, and this included visiting Mentau the Fleshmaker's crazy labratory of stitched together dead body parts. FUN! And just because we were feeling frisky, we doubled up with a skip, hop, and a jump through the bargain-basement casket sale found in the Desecrated Temple of Vol.

We found these undertakers there:

Inevitables are a fun time. They're all, we're here to help you DIE. WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE, TEAM SPODE! (Never before have I seen such pushy salesmen as the inevitable btw . . . it's like they're driven to make the sale at all costs--including the death of the customer.)

And then we had to kill these vampires:

Vampires are also a fun time. they're all, we're here to help you be UNDEAD! WHY WON'T YOU JUST BE UNDEAD, TEAM SPODE!

Given all that fun and adventure . . . I don't know why, but I found Sunday to be completely uneventful and unmemorable to be honest. I mean, when we hardly even die once and we just slaughter our way through the challenges before us with ease, it's kind of forgettable for me. Call me a glutton for punishment. Call me a ridiculous halfling with bad hair. Call me Susan. But last Sunday needed a little hard mode to make it play out more brutally for me. These two instances seemed completely different than the other two we've encountered in the Orchard of the Macabre to the tune of too easy. /shrug

Kudos to the melee and specifically Ophiga in the Desecrated Temple of Vol btw.

My kill count would have been higher, but I was too involved in trying to make the world a shinier place for all evil humans who crave the disco.

Yeah, I'm all Skrillex to them. I'd totally DJ in a club with pipes, grunginess, and flesh golems.

When I'm less concerned with making the world disco-ier, I kill more stuff, like I did in the Fleshmaker's lab:

I guess the coolest thing that came out of last night was Ophiga dinging 16! Gratz to her! That also allowed me to bump my level to 18 (keeping with our two levels difference rule). It felt pretty awesome to finally get Fire Savant three. :)

As for Team Spode's next adventures? Well, we'd like to get a few more tapestries before calling it quits here from what I'm understanding. Spode himself picked up the Minos Legens helm on Sunday, and I'm pretty sure the rest of us would like to have one just to have one. I'd personally need to find a way to shift that Charisma stat off to a ring. I wish my crafting was higher. :/

Happy dueling!

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