14 February 2012

Mentos, the Fleshmaker part duex!

Well, we did it again. Last week I was lamenting the lameness of the evening hitting The Fleshmaker’s Laboratory and the Desecrated Temple of Vol. Mostly the lameness stemmed from it seeming “too easy.” So, we hiked up our knickers (Well Spode hiked up his knickers at least) and went back in on HARD MODE this week to see if Team Spode could keep the same awesomeness about us, earn a little extra faction, and see if any good loots would drop.

The main difference between the two weeks was (as to be expected) the traps were more difficult . . . and that’s about it. I did like the challenge level though, but since Spode and I had both dinged 18, well, we might have skewed that in our favor to the tune of about -25% exp (sorry Ulan and Ophiga!)

Here's how the score card looked for Temple of Vol on Sunday:

And here's how the score card looked for Fleshmaker's on Sunday:

We got a few tapestries for the evening and a couple more sigil frame pieces, but nothing else much of value dropped for us. I did get a Locus of Vol +5 wisdom item with a “taint of evil,” but looking on the wiki tells me it’s pretty much junk loot. I had passed it on to Ulan just in case it might turn into something good. Meh. The night came at the tune of around 20,000 exp when all was said and done. Not bad. I would love to gift wrap about 50,000 exp for Ophiga and just hand it to her for valentine’s day.

We may still have a couple more game nights of the Orchard of the Macabre in store depending on if we really want to try to flag for the Abbot pre-raid or not. I don’t think any of us actually are going to be doing the raid, but flagging for pre-raids is kind of how we’ve been rolling on all of the previous expansions. Collecting the sigil pieces is kind of a pain though. We’ll see though and I don’t think Team Spode is in any hurry.

Um, I *may* be just a tad anxious because I see myself so close experience-wise to 20th level, but that’s just me.

Side note: If you're not familiar with our Happy Dueling Hour monthly podcast, please go take a listen! Although the majority of the time we talk about Wizard101, I do mention my recent adventures in DDO along with the other games we play (it's mainly just for fun and to be goofy): If you've got an hour to kill with nothing better to listen to, go check it out! :)

Happy dueling!

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