03 August 2011

Where the expired jello pudding pops all ended up: The Pit

To start, I'm having one of those mornings where everything is trying to delay me posting about my static group's adventures. 1- I woke up late, 2- my dog is being a freak, 3- Lunar Rainbow YouTube videos . . . DANG YOU RANDOM SURFING!

This week we got a note from Ulan that he'd be out of pocket due to a real-life camping trip and a long weekend. Can you believe he'd skip out on our virtual camping trip through Ebberon to do something real-life? BAD ULAN, BAD! Virtual camping has a significant lack of mosquitoes and apparently a veritable plethora of black oozes and traps and whatnot (*insert recently gained new knowledge of The Pit, a very long adventure in the MMO Dungeons and Dragons Online . . . FROM TURBINE! MAKERS OF AWESOME*).

Because of our significant lack of Ulan, we decided to skip our adventures in the Demon Sands and instead run a few random quests. We ran a couple house Phiarlan quests (Caged Trolls and another quick one). These weren't too bad, and I do believe they helped earn Lessah and Ophiga their time warp amulet favor reward. Awesome. 'nuff said.

Then I had the audacity (oh the gumption!) to ask Lessah if she'd take us to see "The Pit," which I had heard a few rumblings about in my readings of the DDO universe. "Can we go to the pit lessah? Can we? Can we??" I said in my cute halfling voice. This she could not resist, for the halfling voice has its way with her, and hence, we were on our way to THE PIT in House Deneith. Lessah knew her way around and back again in there, so we just let her guide us through.

Of course that meant I died right off running into a trap. Oh Lessah laughed and laughed and laughed some more, just like she was Chewbacca and I was Han Solo. To this I say, "Laugh it up, Fuzzball, but you didn't see us alone in the south passage. She expressed her true feelings for me."

The pit is a very long romp through a tall and deep maze of an instance. Lessah had the instance broken out into three or four points that helped her know where she was. If you were to take me back into the pit, I'd still have no idea where I was. It was a lot of fun, and there were some very interesting areas to play around in here.

One of those areas involved a lot of "piperope walking" (that's my new invented word for tightrope walking on pipes - ywvm).

Everybody wave to Lessah and Ophiga, waaaaay up high! *wave*

Spode and I were relegated to valve duty while the gals did their part walking the pipes above. We did a good job of pressing their buttons. They did a good job of whatever it was they were doing up there . . . buying shoes maybe? (*GASP RUDE MALE COMMENT* I'm just kidding! I jest! Don't throw those expensive shoes at me!)

Our travels through the pit led us to yet another room of awesome. This puzzle room was where we most certainly unleashed the Borg.

At least it looks that way . . . or maybe that's the world's largest Rubik's cube. Either way, I'm pretty sure most of us were assimilated. (-signed 7 of 9 halflings)

Eventually we all made our way toward the final boss: The Avatar of Juiblex, which is a code name for "The Jello that Cannot be Flamb├ęd." I captured video of this, but it's nothing to write home about . . . it just shows me trying electricity, then force missiles, then acid, . . . then Mrs. Juiblex dies and we all hold our breath as Lessah triumphantly loots the Muck Doom! Ok, nobody got Muckdoom, but we did hold our breath. Mostly because dead juiblex smells like hydrochloric acid. (Speaking of which . . . MAN, I didn't even think to try disintegrate . . . pfft, what gives, Gleek!)

Next week we hope to have Ulan rejoin us from his trip to nature as we static-groupishly snuggle up to our computer monitors once again. Team Spode shall be returning to the Demon Sands to continue our adventures! Huzzah!

Happy Dueling!

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