17 August 2011

Like Lambs to the Slaughter: An Offering of Blood

Before I begin, I just want to thank everyone who drops by my blog to check on Team Spode. Feel free to leave a comment . . . even if it’s unrelated or just to say hello. I’d like to know who’s out there reading and any ideas or suggestions you might have. Although I can’t promise a daily blog about DDO, it’s starting to definitely look like a weekly or twice-weekly ritual. I play far too many other games to devote all my attention here, BUT . . . if I had some encouragement and some strange questions, well then that might give me enough volts to shock me into posting more about DDO. I hear cattleprods work wonders.

This week Team Spode was Lessah-less. It was strangely silent in voice chat because of this. There was no familiar hum of the banter between Lessah and Spode, instead there was just Spode, ranting on into the night about whatever his mind wandered to. There was an attempt at a pun or two and a fried dwarf joke, but for some reason they didn’t flow on Sunday like they usually do. I’ve been cutting back on the caffeine, so I’m going to play the moody card for myself and say that’s what was up with me.

Truth be known, it was kind of a painful night that could have used a shot of caffeine. I was leading the group, but didn’t really know where I was going half the time, so I was alt+tabbing out to a map.

LET ME TELL YOU, Ophiga was just up and ready to sit out and wait for us to finish our run through the Maraud the Mines instance after dying a couple times. No one likes feeling they’re off their game and/or lost, and I should have been better at communicating what was going on and where we were headed. Luckily we pulled it all together and got Ophiga back into the instance and scored a win. (OH, and btw, Team Spode members . . . if you still have gems or ore from that instance, you can turn it in to Behn in the main area of Zawabi's Refuge for a regular gem.)

After Maraud the Mines, I got the group sufficiently lost in the desert trying to lead everyone over to the Offering of Blood entrance without alt+tabbing to the wiki map. We did end up learning our way to the entrance very well by the end of the night after having TWO complete wipes. How about that?! We haven’t had ONE complete wipe in a long time, let alone two. Egads. I would say that those two wipes came with some good learning though. By the end we were finally playing together like Team Spode should . . . it just took us a while to get our groove and understand 1- the way Offering of Blood ebbs and flows with its waves of never ending drow and scorpions, 2- the Super Mario bridge jump past the electrically guarded ramp, and 3- the uniqueness of the mega end boss and his cronies therein.

Yes, oh yes, we were quite familiar with the run to the little crack in the spiral entrance of the Offering of Blood by the end. Painful.

We shall be doing the Offering of Blood all over again this week for Lessah, and I’m sure—ABSOLUTELY SURE—it will all go much more smoothly. No longer shall we be like lambs to the slaughter giving up our own offerings of blood—We’ll be kicking scorpion tail and owning that dungeon in perfect motion. *wink*

Thanks for putting up with me, Team Spode. I had a great time despite the challenges!

BTW, can I just comment on the general hotness of Ulan lately?

Not bad looking for a Canadian-bred stud in female's raiment. *whistle*

Happy Dueling!


  1. Yay for another update on Team Spode! Love reading them.

    The desert can be very unforgiving when you don't have someone with you who knows the map and quests. I still get lost when i go further then undead area.

    Keep the fun going Team Spode and can't wait for next update!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the note! I'm glad you like the updates. :)

    Any suggestions for where Team spode should head next after Sands?

  3. We find a place where there be dragons, and leave it with one less.

  4. You should see me in the hot pink chainmail bikini....

    Just sayin...

  5. Did someone say dragons??? Then off to the Twelve you must go! Find a man called Smiley Smythe to get you in the right direction! Don't tell Momma what you did! ;-) (and ofcourse would love to see an update of Team Spode)

  6. Hey Friendly, honestly, I only look at this blog from time-to-time, because I'm not really into DDO. It's definitely harder than most other games. So I look at your blog to try to get an understanding of the game. How about you do some video series to capture the essence of your (guild is it?). Plus, it'll give a great perspective of the places you guys go through. I have a rank 3 or 4 level 1 wizard (MEGALUS) and of course I haven't gotten him off of Korthos yet. The game just isn't as soloable as I wish it was.

  7. @Ekeiram: Nice! We might be just a touch low for the Twelve, but I'll check it out and see. Does Ruins of Gianthold have any dragons in it?

    @Megalus: Hey! Thanks for posting. Our guild is ok, but we mostly hang with our Static group. I could throw down some video. Sure!