23 August 2011

The Waiting Game in Demon Sands

What does Team Spode do while waiting for Spode to make a jump?

1- Dance, chill, and blow kisses to the camera.

Ophiga was adamant that for some reason I never get great pictures of her character. Well, she's right. Here's the backside of her dancing, while I blow you all a kiss and Lessah chills. When a man feather falls to the bottom of the canyon, it's gonna be a while until he gets back up. SPODE, Y U NO JUMP FAR?!

2- Inspect the hireling

Dheran Giles is quite the looker, yes? Sure his wikipedia page is full of interesting facts about him, like that he has Cleric Prayer of Life III, but does it tell you that he had ceviche the night before? I think not.

3- Shield inspection.

Yeah, that's totally what's happening here. There's no ceviche check going on for Ulan, honest! Nothing fishy at all about this screenshot. Look! Lessah's shield is so shiny! MUST SCREENSHOT!

Eventually after a couple tries, we got Spode with us and to our destination, which again was the Offering of Blood instance. Things did in fact go MUCH more smoothly with the full group there and with Lessah showing us a couple tricks like lifting a bridge up after you cross it to stop the incessant spawns from behind you. It was a simple 20 minutes or so to the boss.

We cleaned that up nicely and *mostly* called it a night. Spode and I had already spent some time helping Tipa out (link to Tipa's blog!) when she got stuck in a solo run of the Tomb of the Witch King. I agree btw . . . chuck the DM out the virtual window and sacrifice a deer.

(breaking out the classics on y'all TODAY!)

The end of the story is that Lessah logged off to finish packing her kids' school lunches (peanut butter or ceviche one wonders?) while the rest of us lingered longer and rode the good vibe train to a victory in the Chamber of Korush.

That was 18 minutes of pure casket-breaking, tomb-raiding awesome as you can see from the experience report here. I was obviously trying too hard . . . ol' Gleek ate a death from his hyperactivity.

Thanks for putting up with me Team Spode!

We still haven't figured out exactly what we're going to be doing next week. We've debated The Twelve, Gianthold, and a couple other things. At this point we have two level 14 characters, two level 13 characters, and one level 12 character about to hit 13. We'd love to fight against some dragons, but we don't want to be killed by them . . . we want to *kill* them. Perhaps we should wait a level or two before hitting The Twelve.

Thanks for your input in advance!

Happy Dueling!


  1. Ah, the Canyon in the Desert, i *hate* that part. Surely because i always fall down ;-)

    The dragon i referred to earlier is in a lvl 13 quest. Team Splode can do it! GH is lvl 13 aswell, so i would say: go for dragon first!!

    Also recommanded: Attack on Stormreach (Lordsmarch Plaza, requires adventure pack). 4 lvl 13 quests.
    Or the F2P Lordsmarch Plaza quests, 3 quests lvl 12.

    But no dragons there, and the only dragons you'll see in GH are these: http://www.ddo.com/us/news/1597-ddo-screenshot-of-the-week-33?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Go team Splode!

  2. Isn't DDO the game that originally started the DK system?

  3. @eke: Ok! I will definitely check it out. Awesome. Thanks for the tips!

    @Megalus: Nah, started with Everquest. :)