10 August 2011

Team Spode in: Dwarf, it's what's for dinner!

The static group was refreshed and totally ready to rock on Sunday. We had our fun last week with The Pit and now it was time to set our sights back to The Demon Sands and more specifically The Burning City.

The quest starts innocently enough: Dude named Jaefan Druz in Zwabi's Refuge handed us the quest, which talks about these crazy firebrand gnolls who have a pretty good gig going on. It's an evil gig, but you can't beat Djinni-charmed slaves that serve two purposes: work them to death or use them as food!

We all checked our alignment, and yep, that was pretty much something we should be concerned about . . . except maybe Spode, but as we know, his alignment is usually directed toward loot or exp. He's a paladin of a different drum. When faced with helping save a dwarf slave above a boiling pot of stew in The Burning City, well, exp was calling and he just let him fry. ;) Afterwards Lessah continued to give Spode the biggest earful for the remainder of the dungeon. HAHA! Spode kept insisting that he did nothing wrong, just responded to the quest text, but that was no bargaining point for the silver-tongued lashing from Lessah.

As it turns out, Spode isn't the only one who has trouble with saving Gasper Goldpike. It appears a failed bluff check could be the culprit . . . there you go, Spode . . . when you go before the judgement seat and you're judged as a paladin and Lessah is there trying to remind everyone of the fried dwarf incident, just say it was a failed bluff check. You're welcome! (If we had saved the dwarf, there could have been a treasure room in it for all of us.)

Anyway, when it comes to the Burning City, everything about it is long. The run there is long (and somewhat confusing). The instance is long. The distance between you and the archers on the ledges above is long, but it was usually nothing my firewall couldn't take care of.

Just remember that you need to get all the way down to this point of the map . . .

. . .To eventually make it up to to the instance door.

Once inside, Sands greets you with many locked doors that you'll have to unlock on your long trek above a nasty lake of lava. If you do happen to fall into the lava, there's a small chance you may make it out by heading for the portal shown in the bottom left screenshot. GL!

Overall we had a great time working our way through The Burning City on Sunday. It was pretty profitable with all the chests in there to loot, and we did in fact free all the slaves to win the quest, plus a good number of optional slaves as well.

We got a good handful of bonuses, so I'd say overall it was a successful dungeon crawl last Sunday--not for the dwarf though. ;)

Oh yeah, and Ulan died once. Poor Ulan . . . always taking one for the team.

Happy dueling!

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