08 August 2011

DDO Update 11: Engage arm cannons! The Age of the Artificer is upon us!

There are some fantastic things coming down the pipe for DDO as Turbine will release Update 11, which includes all the greatness you've come to expect from a DDO Update and more . . . specifically, a new enclave zone (Cannith), crafting to 150, two new high level raids, a new wilderness area, three new dungeons, and possibly the most exciting announcement is THE ARTIFICER CLASS!

The Artificer promises to be an interesting class that blends the Rogue with something more arcane. Sounds awesome, and there's some pretty nice concept art coming out of Turbine showcasing what appears to be some of the artificer weaponry. Check these out!


The Cannith Enclave concept art is looking equally as awesome and definitely in traditional DDO style.

I can't wait to explore all that the Cannith Enclave has to offer!

To be sure, more details will be forthcoming, but for now, we'll have to wait for the release (which appears to be set for some time in September).

Happy Dueling!


  1. So... guess I'm restarting? :)

  2. Me too! How does four artificers and a warforged sound for a group?