29 August 2011

We actually fought a dragon in Dungeons and Dragons Online?

Team Spode's adventures this week have been aptly summed up by Ophiga over on her blog, West Karana. Please point your browser that way and check it out!

I snapped a few screenshots in addition to the great ones that Ophiga took of us killed Sinvala this week.

Thanks so much to Ekeiram for helping point us in the right direction! Your tip on where to find this nasty thing was definitely appreciated.

Happy Dueling!


  1. I read Chris Molsbee's article in the latest Beckett issue, and was wondering, what are the specs of Team Spode's members? As in down to the last detail so that i may compare it to some of the things in the article. Plus, I'm just curious (good thing I'm not a cat).

  2. You're welcome! Coincidence i've run Mired in Kobolds myself this weekend with our guild. Momma dragon can be a real pain indeed. That's why many groups (pugs) will skip that part if the baby dragon is poking the group a bit too rough.

    Any ideas about the next Team Splode challenge?
    Looking forward to more field reports!