30 April 2012


I hate to admit it, I had to Google this reference to get it . . .

Utaalk!!! Adarab!!! Otkin!!! is Klaatu Barada Nikto backwards. What the heck is Klaatu Barada Nikto? Well, Wikipedia talks all about it hehe. Yeah, I'm showing my lack of geek . . . let me make up for it with gratuitous YouTube videos!

. . . and made even more edgy by Army of Darkness:

So, as you may have guessed, Team Spode returned to the quest of Acute Delirium last night and attempted HARD MODE!!!!

Yeah, that didn't go so well. We finally realized that we needed to slow down and not get too zealous about following Haxxorrax the Mind Flayer into the laundry room at the back of the not so peaceful pub and hotel located in The Twelve's downtown district after being swarmed by more evil eyes, beholders, Deranged Followers, and Xorian Renders than you could shake an artifact of unimaginable evil power at. (*breath* trying reading that last sentence aloud.)

Seriously, I counted like 30 mobs around us when we wiped that first time in Hard mode.

Our second try at Hard Mode went a little better until we were swarmed again by Frost beholders, Xorian Renders, and Evil Eyes while we attempted to gather beds and bookshelves to make our airship to Xoriat. Nope.

With half the play time gone for the night, it was definitely time to salvage the night on Normal mode and try our luck at getting Spode the Watcher's Blade he so badly desired . . . and didn't get. That's ok though. We still had an absolutely blast killng beholders and bursting giant beholder guts last night. It's definitely one of the more memorable and humorous quests we've done in DDO. :)

I will say that (for me personally) the saving grace of the night was finally tallying up enough adhesive slimes to improve my Infused Chaosrobe by adding Melodic Guard to it. yay!

Team Spode will return again next week with a different adventure to undertake. We're not exactly sure what that will be at this point, and we're certainly up for suggestions. Go ahead and make them!

Happy Dueling

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  1. Another story of Team Spode's adventures! Me like!!

    Suggestion for next week: Web of Chaos!
    3 level 16 quests and F2P so im sure Team Spode is ready for it.
    Fun quests, great loot and a preview at the new expansion. You wanna see Lolth? Web of Chaos it shall be!!