03 April 2012

Dusty Roads for Team Spode in Update 13!

This Sunday it was all about the Lords of Dust. In fact we ventured a dusty road into the exotic depths of Khyber to take care of these Dusty Lords of Dust.

Dusty Rhodes knows all about the Lords of Dust

Yes, you might say we wrestled with the dusty roads of Khyber, indeed!

*tips hat to the ladies*

OH MY WORD LOOK AT HER EARS! Those things could poke your eyes out! (Borrowed that joke from Spode when he was giggling over Ophiga's ears btw)

Anyway, the three quests that came along with Update 13? Those were good for just under 30k experience for a couple hours of work. After the "very long" instances of the Vale of Twilight, a few "long" instances (to the tune of around 30 minutes each) was definitely a welcome sight, especially to exp hungry Ophiga and Ulan. Both rolled their level to 17.

So, the whole thing starts out as a plea from a guy in the harbor named Dectaran. He points out to you that Inquisitor Gnomon, one of his good Silver Flame buddies, has ventured into a Lords of Dust cultist base of operations with only a weak initiate at his side. It's like Dectaran was saying, "Yo, Gnomon is a moron, he bought a level three cleric hireling contract for this wicked bad level 16 dungeon . . . um . . . hope he's not permadeath! LOLZ!"

As it turns out, Gnomon is a moron, but for different reasons . . . Raksasha-like Reasons!

Oh that old problem from 10,000,000 years ago in Eberron seems to (again) finally come to a head and burst open like a pimple in the sweaty sun. See, for millions of years Eberron was actually run by demons in the Age of the Demons, but the dragons and a crazy band of couatl decided that it was time to kick the demons out so we all could experience a much cooler time in Eberron history, the Age of Dragons. Ever since then, the Raksasha and their buddies made an evil gang known as the Lords of Dust. Their cause? Duh! To end the Age of Dragons and bring back the good times of the Age of Demons! Who wouldn't want the fun times of Drow and Demons-a-plenty!?

Crazily enough, Team Spode and the Lords of Dust seem to share something in common. We too believe all dragons must die. Meh, not so much for any grand cause like the Age of Demons, but more for the loots. Unfortunately for the Lords of Dust, we like the flavor of their loots as well. Check out what we got from these adventures! Cruel Nobility and Templar's Justice.

Those will do.

The Church of the Silver Flame was completely wigged out by Gnomon. You never really know which one of your supporters is an evil shapeshifter, right? And after all those good times hanging in the parish. Who would have thought?

So the new pimple in the Harbor turns out to be a road to Khyber.

What's Khyber you ask? Well, Khyber is a big massive underground realm used as a prison for these Lords of Dust types. Rumor has it that Khyber is actually the remains of Khyber the dragon, who was one of the freakishly gigantic progenitor dragons of the past that created Ebberon. Fitting, eh? Trapping the Lords of Dust in the guts of a dead dragon? That's a good way to rub salt in the wounds. :)

You know who isn't happy about that situation in life? This evil gigantic spider lady:

Oh, that's not Lolth . . . even though you may be thinking that upon first glimpse. Nah, this is one of her underlings and an actual Lord of Dust named "The Spinner of Shadows." From what I understand, The Spinner of Shadows had to go to a lot of legal work to change her name to "the Spinner of Shadows" from Susan Smith.

Susan was extremely pissed off at Team Spode and chased us all around Khyber's guts until she finally had enough and Lolth peeked her head in to see what was going on.

Ahh crap, well at least the Silver Flame was able to put a transporter beam lock on us and beam us out of there, right? Right! And Team Spode didn't even have one TPK for the night. We pretty much kicked spider butt and finished the night on time. That definitely made the East coasters happy. You know what else made us happy? This awesome cut scene after finishing all three quests!


Thanks for these great adventures Turbine! If this is the speed of the adventures to come with Menace of the Underdark, then YES PLEASE!

Happy Dueling!


  1. Once again a great read!! It's good to see Team Spode had a lot of fun in these quests, i liked them too! Can't wait untill June, MotU will be a whole new episode to delve deep into.

  2. Just out of curiosity, what server does Team Spode play on?

  3. We're playing on Cannith. :)