03 July 2012

Times May Change, but DDO Stays Awesome!

So, you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while. Two months without a post is kind of a big stretch for this blog, right? Right!

Things got a bit crazy in my life (and still are) because I got a job working as a Community Manager for KingsIsle for their new game Pirate101. This made my life a little more difficult the past couple of months. I've moved about 1,000 miles away to a new city and a new state and started a new job all at once. To say this whole experience has thrown a curve ball in my blogging habits would be an understatement.

Also, Diablo 3 happened.

Team Spode has always said that when Diablo 3 was released, we'd drop whatever game we were playing and play Diablo 3 for a season. It was our mantra for I don't know how long. Funny enough, Spode found his computer ill equipped for the graphic requirements of Diablo 3, so he ended up buying a whole new computer for the endeavor. (He mentioned how much better DDO's graphics looked on his new rig btw.)

What I haven't written about the past two months is that Team Spode delved deep into the steampunk zones of Cannith.

Because of this delving, Spode and I took 20th level as Ophiga and Ulan hit 18th level. WOOT!

The instance that gave us the most grief in Cannith was probably Schemes of the Enemy. It was a completely painful experience, full of magefire cannons and electrified walkways leading to the grand daddy of all magefire cannons.

A very weary Team Spode made it all the way to the grand daddy magefire cannon twice. The first time we spent a lot of effort spinning dials below the cannon and trying to deactivate its very ouchy beams of ouchiness. That just didn't work well for us. What we found out worked for us was just hammering on the magefire cannon with its defenses intact until we busted IT UP! It took a while, but was much simpler. SIMPLE, GOOD FOR TEAM SPODE CAVEMEN AND CAVEWOMAN!

Also what happened was the birth of the Menace of the Underdark expansion! I took the journey with Elminster through the Rift and discovered that DDO had become . . . LOTRO!

;) Seriously though, it was very strange to see DDO as a high fantasy game instead of the Steampunk world of Eberron.

. . .

So where does this leave this blog and Team Spode? I'm not sure. Team Spode is now journeying in Diablo 3 and we have a ton of new content in DDO still, but I think it means that you won't see me talking as much about Team Spode on this blog for a while and instead, you'll probably see me talking about my new adventures on Thelanis.

What I found was a couple of the guys that work at KingsIsle play DDO on the Thelanis server! So for the time being, that's where I'm hanging out in DDO these days (other than my occasional stints back on Cannith as I upgrade my level 18 Cannith mission gear to the Epic Cannith mission gear).

I'd like to introduce you all to my cleric, Lifin!

RUN, LIFIN, RUN! Lifin likes the Cannith missions just as much as Gleek did, and yes . . . I still have an obsession with halflings in DDO.

Happy dueling


  1. Congrats on the new job & hope to hear more from Team Spode in the future once you're all sorted out ;-)

    And thanks to you, I've started turning my niece into a geek as I introduced her to Wizard 101 :-)

  2. Yay for another update of Team Spode!! But *snif* looks like the adventures are about to end :-( Or not, since you've found co-workers playing DDO aswell! Alas, hope you'll find some time every now and then to write about DDO and the adventures your chars dive into!!

  3. I'm still up for more DDO! Says Spode.