10 April 2012

I'm outta touch, I'm outta time

Yup, I'm going there . . .

You know when I break out the Hall and Oates I've hit the bottom of the desperate YouTube video stockpile. It's just one of those days where I've run out of time to post about Team Spode's adventures. I've got a metric ton of things going on right now.

Even more interesting than giant stacks of beds and bookcases forming an airship to the Plane of Madness is all the buzz surrounding Turbine at PAX East. Check out some of these pictures coming out of PAX:

All those pictures and more can be found on the Turbine Community Updates page.

So, with that . . . my friends . . . I promise I'll try to get to Team Spode's adventures this week. Maybe tomorrow!

Happy Dueling!


  1. :-( impatiently waiting for the real update ;-)

  2. You mean Dusty Rhodes wasn't your last resort?