27 March 2012

"Eladrins with Attitude" My New Nerdcore Band Name Idea

It rarely happens, but some nights Team Spode goes into overtime, and the East Coasters of the bunch really become the stars of the show because you know that Monday morning is going to be a beast for them when they wake up.

Thank you Ophiga and Ulan, thank you!

And why were we up so late actin' a fool? Two reasons:

1- Running with the Devils
2- The Coalescence Chamber

The Running with the Devils instance started out to be a kind of standard rescue mission. There was a guy named Tolarn Rhawn, an Eladrin, that needed Team Spode to play marines and save his skin.

But, as the splash screen totally spoils, when you find him he throws a hissy and attacks you. In fact, you actually run up against two flavors of Eladrin throwing a hissy the entire dungeon: Bralani and Ghaele. Ahh, Eladrin . . . they're the Chaotic Good Celestial beings from a place that probably looks a lot like this . . . only even more Celestial and awesome:

That's the concept art for the Archon Citadel, home to a different kind of good-align Celestial known as an Archon, the Lawful-good celestials. Thanks for that info wiki!

So, really, it is a tragedy that you have to fight off waves of Eladrin; however, that tragedy somehow didn't come through in this adventure until right now, while I'm typing this blog post. Hmmm. I'm not sure what to do with that information.

ANYWAY! If I remember right, Tolarn was totally a Tiefling in disguise. Ahh, Tieflings, they're much much different than the Eladrin. Their fancy evil extraplaner selves inhabit a land that looks much different from the good-aligned planes. Those evil-places look a little more like this:

or maybe this:

The "running with the devils" portion of the quest has to do with you seemingly racing against an alternate party of uber devils that . . . killed us.

But, Spode was handy with a spirit cake in a side room with a shrine and all was dandy again. We enacted our revenge, finished the adventure, and had buckets of time to spare!

When you have buckets of time to spare, what do you do? You move on to the next adventure, right?! Well, let's just say that if the Running with the Devils adventure was marked "Very Long," The Coalescence Chamber should have been marked, "Very very long."

I'm sure people who run these adventures all the time and know the puzzles therein like the back of their hand can smoke this thing in 15 minutes or some such nonsense, but Team Spode was in here 137 minutes as the score card indicates:

Cripes, did we actually have 16 deaths in there? Oh the shame. I remember why it was like that though. I do. It was because we didn't refuel our mana and rest up in between Running with the Devils and the Coalescence Chamber instances.


Hey, Oseerz, does 137 minutes count as hurrying?

Yes, for 137 minutes we ran around trying to be very conservative with our mana. It didn't work out so well, and I eventually blew every mana potion I had in my bags and even bought some more from the DDO store. LOL. you'd think we'd know this by now.

The deal with this instance is that it's a giant series of tunnels that's filled with archers and casters who will archering and castering you to deathering. It's a painful experience that had me doing a lot of this kind of nonsense:

If you can't tell what I'm doing in that picture, it's me casting firewall on some bad guys and hiding behind a door while they burn to death.

Eventually we killed every last "Fiendish" bat, scorpion, gelatinous cube, gnoll, troll, tiefling, and troglodyte in the instance and I got the sweetest message in the world on my screen:

OH LOOK AT THAT! FORK! *wipes hands clean*

I'm still hanging at 18th level though. I'm waiting for Team Spode's east coasters to catch up to my level before progressing on to 19th and 20th. We've got a lot of killing yet to do and although my exp bar now simply shows, "Maximum XP Achieved," I shall gladly chill at this level for my compadres. 18th was really what I was shooting for anyway when I was gaining all that exp in the first place. I really really wanted Fire Savant III.

Next week, even though we are now Shroud raid worthy, we will probably head back to the harbor and have a chat with the new Update 13 NPCs and try our hands wrestling with the Lords of Dust cultists. Until then, I hope you all have a marvelous week.

Happy dueling!


  1. I had hundreds of arrows, went through them all and had to rely on Assassinate the rest of the night. I don't use that as much as I should. Note to self: recharge on arrows. Was doing my best not to need so much healing :P

  2. Congrats on reaching cap!!
    Vale is the place where many players reach cap, just because there is so much out there to get xp.
    Again a nice read of Team Spode stories, but there's one thing i seem to be missing.....after spending 137 minutes in Coal Chamber you've forgotten about all the jumping and turning up and up and up? It's Super-Mario quest #2 in DDO! Reason #1 for so many people to simply hate that quest. Not me, i love the itchy twitchy quests, but i can understand it'll be frustrating to almost get to the top, mis-stepping, falling down and having to start all over.
    Maybe one day you'll get a nice group to do the Shroud with you (put up a post on the DDO forum explaining what you want out of the group can give you a nice start). Running Shroud once is totally worth it!

    Moving over to the new Harbor quests, good call! Can't wait to see another update of Team Spode!!