02 June 2011

Update 10 -- Crafting Unbound! (and other stuff)

I logged on to DDO today to find the patcher proclaiming information about Update 10!

Egads look at that nasty chest with teeth. I'm suddenly taken back to my days of Everquest fighting haunted chests. (Picture below lifted off of Illia's Everquest Beastiary . . . )

(. . . hehe, Everquest graphics.)

All the info that's currently fit for public consumption can be found here. I'm sure much much more information will be forthcoming, but I was extra excited by the last paragraph of that update information:
Crafting Unbound
The crafting beta continues with the introduction of unbound items which may be fashioned in the Kundarak Enclave Crafting Hall. Create shards that can be traded or auctioned to other players. Forge unbound weapons for sale or trade. Craft new items for your guild, outfit your friends, or just make a few coins for yourself. The choice is yours!

SQUEE! You know, I was complaining to myself just yesterday that I wished I could make shards and gear for my friends. It's looking like soon that will actually be possible! YES! I suppose this means I need to crank my concern for crafting up from "generally excited" to "vehemently excited." ;-)

Also "Squee"-worthy was that I entered my first DDO lottery, and it was cake to enter. From my Google search, I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time DDO has had a lottery, but for some reason an announcement about DDO lotteries from the DDO Unlimited Twitter feed caught my eye yesterday. I must say, some of the prizes they're giving away are pretty cool!


Thanks for the fun, Turbine!

Happy Dueling!

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