06 June 2011

Attack on Stormreach and House K Favor? What?

Much like last week, the static group's intentions were to take down the Ruins of Threnal. Again, much like last week, we were missing our favorite Rogue, Ms. Ophiga. As it turns out she was busy riding roller coasters earlier in the day and was wiped out asleep on the couch.

Now I don't know about you guys, but given the choice between sleep and hanging out with Team Spode . . . I'd totally choose Team Spode . . . or at least Lessah's version of hanging out with Team Spode.

yeah yeah, keep dreaming Lessah! I'm sure the reality is more like this ;p

(Let's stick with the illusion the local illusionist has cast on us for Lessah's benefit. *shiver*)

So since Ophiga was afk, we all decided to finish up the main quest line in Attack on Stormreach. How did that happen? Well stay in your seats and let Gleek tell ya all. Here's the skinny.

Last week Spode mentioned he had acquired a Blade of Fury, which seems to be a pretty nice blade in its own right. He noticed that the blade was "fuseable," which made him think of crafting. I decided to look it up and found that the Blade of Fury was part of an epic weapon from . . . dun dun dun . . . The Attack on Stormreach quest line, and in fact what he really should turn that weapon into was the Vampiric Fury Blade. ooo! Life drain! Now THAT's a weapon.

To make a Vampiric Fury Blade you need to combine a Blade of Fury, a Staff of the Shadow, and a Mark of Sheshka.

Before you knew it, I was on the E-mail emailin' my favorite hippy paladin, and we were plotting ways to secure this blade. Mid-week and out of cycle, Spode and I hit the quest chain: Attack on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, Undermine, and Siegebreaker. By Saturday night Spode and I had finished up the first three and only had the last quest to go.

check it out, I managed to get a couple new weapons myself. ;-)

Now I just need the Mark of Tzaryan Rrac and I'll have my Master Transmuter Staff .

I digress.

So the entire point of the Attack on Stormreach module is to fight off the invading Droaam armies. Droaam is basically a giant city of monsters. They are led by the Daughters of Sora Kell. Last night we were able to uncover that Sora Katra herself was leading the invasion.

Oh she's a tricky one, lemme tell ya. That last fight with her is "something special." Thanks Turbine devs! Basically, the boss fight involves dragging Sora Kell down to three points: 75%, 50%, and 25% health. At each of these points, Sora will become untouchable and spawn portals to drag in her Droaam buddies to kill you while you face an evil pentagram puzzle. OH MAN, this puzzle sucks. Also sucks? The description of how you solve it from the DDO Wiki. let me quote this for you.
To solve the puzzle you must doing as following, not same as the picture below, if start from step on 1 then 2 and 5 then 4 and 3, or if you step on 3 first then 2 and 4 then 1 and 5

Rather than using the aforementioned puzzle-solving method(s): As long as the puzzle hasn't been touched upon spawning, simply touching each plate and going around in a clockwise (or counter-clockwise) fashion, touching each plate only once, will also solve the puzzle.

Summoned pets, hirelings, and monsters will toggle the puzzle plates.

Oh my word.

What the wiki doesn't say is that every time you touch that puzzle point, you spawn a trap. I imagine those traps can be removed by a rogue . . . but ours was asleep, and if she was awake we wouldn't have been here.

One of the traps (let's not talk about the exploding barrels that killed me and Ulan earlier) is this amazing gush of air that shoots you up to the ceiling and drops you. Talk about being disoriented. Here I am mid-air trying to solve this puzzle from crappy directions. I think I wasted about 15 minutes of everyone's lives there.

In the end we finished it up and Spode got his Staff of Shadow . . . now to hunt down the mark. Astral diamonds might be the trick! (I think you just need to combine five to make that mark).

OH, before I move on though, Siegebreaker has this nasty nasty rest shrine located right in a cesspool of muck that decries itself as "a (very) public bathroom" Here is Lessah not caring.

egads. The smell.

Also of note in Siegebreaker is the abundance of loot! I think this may become one of my favorite farms. You end up having access to about four chests in a matter of 10 minutes. You just have to deal with a few of these ladies . . . that's all.

Loved running into a medusa finally in DDO, and the Medusa of Droaam are nasty customers. As to be expected, they can in fact turn you or your hirelings to stone. Luckily the effect is only temporary (or I could use my stone to flesh clicky ... Same same).

The rest of the night was spent running a couple of level 5 and 6 quests on elite from House K with LESSAH GAME CHANGER at the helm. Lessah has this little cautionary note for all those who idolize Spode.

Awesome are his ways. Do you choose dismantle the trap, or do you go for the loot. LOL. I wouldn't take him any other way.

And since I haven't even mentioned Ulan in this post. ULAN! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HEALS! Ulan is so solid in the group and just always does such a great job that he may go unnoticed, but the man in women's armor is definitely appreciated.

Happy Dueling!

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