24 June 2011

Threnal West and Late to the Party

I logged on last Sunday all psyched for an awesome day of hack and slash with my good buddies in the static group WHEN . . . real life.

My real life friends dropped by to talk and say hello.

Not that that's bad. That's actually really good! I love my friends . . . they just don't play DDO nor would they understand me playing DDO nor would I ever just play DDO while they were here. No, that would be rude, inconsiderate, lame, and dumb. I tend to hope that I'm not defined by any of those words.

The golden rule of gaming is: "THOU SHALT NOT LET THE ONLINE WORLD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR REAL LIFE WORLD." Remember it, kids. Never let it get that crazy.

although, I must say that I was kind of happy it was only a short 40 minute visit, and I was able to jump back online and catch the static group. They all got double the loot as well since, well, they did everything they had just done the past 40 minutes over again with me and my firewall in tow.

Funny thing, I saw that my spell components were low for fourth level spells as soon as I joined the group, so I just zipped my mouth and decided to spam other skills instead of firewall. I don't know if they noticed that or not. ;)

I actually didn't get many pictures this time either. I did manage to take this shot of Spode slashing at a flesh render's head . . . although it's kind of hard to tell that's what's happening here. I do like the angles though!


I also snapped a picture of me in front of the Dave Arneson shrine in the Ruins of Threnal. I remember when he died, which actually wasn't very long ago.

It's kind of wild hearing his voice over on the campaigns in the Ruins of Threnal and think about what it would be like (in a very very very small way) to have Arneson DM'ing a dungeon for you.

I did manage to grab a small bit of footage as well, so here we are tearing it up a little bit in Threnal West. I should have grabbed something a little sexier like a boss fight, but LOL, you know . . . it's hard enough for me to even remember to press the record button once and take two screenshots.

This Sunday we shall be cracking skulls in the final portion of the Ruins of Threnal. I'm tempted to lead everyone through another run of the Crypt of the Shadowkeeper though because all this weekend we will be getting an additional +25% experience and +1 loot thanks to some customer appreciation from Turbine.


Happy Dueling!

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