29 March 2016

The Dell Eras

Dude, you're getting a DELL!

We've all lived through the Dell Eras, but have we all lived through Deleras? eh? eh? See what I did there?


Can I just say this NPC gives me the heebeejeebees?

That FACE! I get it though . . . poor guy is all haunted and standing outside a necromancer's lair for his whole existence. The Friendly Necromancer needs his own NPC as well.

I think I'd want the NPC outside of my lair to be a green unicorn though. Yeah, that sounds about right for The Friendly Necromancer's Lair. Anyway, yes, I did the whole suite of Delera's missions twice and ended up solidly into level 8 in the process. Good times there, and I ended up doing a lot of commanding of undead! There's nothing more satisfying than having this guy chuck lightning bolts for me (although they seem weaker than my lightning bolts /shrug)

This led to a lot of awkward moments for my cleric hirelings though. I don't know how appreciative they were of all the backhugs from skele-friends. I guess as long as they're getting paid, right?!

Lemme tell you, getting a cleric hireling with Dispel Magic is a good idea when you're a necromancer in a Delara's dungeon. Waiting 1-4 minutes for these guys to be uncharmed in a situation where you have to defeat all of them to get a door to open is not ideal. (I know what you're saying . . . stick to Firewall, kid. SHUT UP!)

OK, fine, Firewall it is . . .

*wipes hands* and that's Delara's! Can I just say that the end of the Delera's adventure is really weird still? I remember being a little confused because it wasn't 100 percent clear you were supposed to go talk to Delara in an instance after talking to Mr. heebeejeebee above . . . and then do it again a second time?! Amiright? It's strange! Are you feeling me on that?

Anyway, if you just READ the quest text and piece it together (yup, I had to go digging to find out you press "L" to open up your quest log in DDO), you eventually find your way around to wrap it up so you can get your amazing VOICE OF THE MASTER trinket. word? word!

So what's next for Mr. Necromancer? Well, I'm open to suggestions, but I was thinking of wandering over to the Necropolis (another seemingly great spot for necromancers) and maybe back to Cannith for a bit to get upgraded versions of my favorite gear. I LOVES ME SOME CANNITH MISSIONS!!

Thanks for reading.

Happy Dueling.

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