11 July 2012

Life with Lifin (episode 1)

Well since the DDO servers are down this morning, why don't I take a minute or 30 to talk about the Life of Lifin, my super dee dooper awesome cleric over on Thelanis?

This is Lifin at his best:

Yes, that is a couple of attackers turned to stone by the extremely awesome level 4 Rockboots from the Cannith Challenges. Lifin is completely geared out with Cannith Challenge loot to be honest. He's getting permanent blur from bracers of the wind, brandishing seeker +1 from a ring, sparkling from some Mournelode Plate, bonking mobs on the head with a Mournelode Mace, and I already told you about the Rock Boots . . .

Sometimes I think the Cannith Challenges were custom made for guys like me who usually only have 15 minutes here and 15 minutes there to steal while still loving DDO and wanting to keep up a little with the gear grind. I'm finding that every time I peek through on to a new tier of Cannith clothing, I'm right there soloing my way to a few new pieces of gear.

This is also Lifin at his best:

That's me hanging with the Warforged in Tangleroot. Apparently everyone plays a Warforged but me, and as you know, I have a thing about halflings. One of those is a girl Warforged btw. (shhh, I still haven't figured out how to tell.) Healing these guys is really what I wanted to do with this character, and it's pretty cool when I get the chance to do it.

So my new guild is a completely different scene than my other guild on Cannith. My other guild seems to be a big operation with 70+ levels and a full guild airship decked out to the 9's with all the +2 amenities you can shake a rapier at. These guys got nothing. It is only like five people in the guild after all. I think I'll pass along this link to the guys so they can see we can have a ship for 50,000 plat and move along. (The crew rental cost should be easily explainable . . . it's the amenities that'd be the hard sell. BTW, is the SHIP01 code for free amenities still working? LOL)

OH, you gotta check out this cool picture I snapped last night:

Tower, my fighter hireling is looking awesome there thanks to the pyrotechnics of Skiftnickle the female warforged Artificer standing behind him. I call her Skifty for short. Is it just me or are Artificers about the most awesome class ever in DDO? I think I'm going to have to roll one of those up because watching Skifty destroy Necropolis's Bloody Crypt and House Jorasco's Redwillow's Ruins (save for the nasty trap cave) on elite last night was a thing of beauty. I really was only there for good looks and a couple good heals.

In any case, I shall continue hitting my Cannith missions and working my way to the upper eschelons with my new awesome Cleric, Lifin. I'm sure to make all kinds of mistakes as I'm not really looking at many guides on how to level a cleric. I'm just going with my gut and making decisions that seem to make sense. I may pay for it later, but so far things have been pretty good.

Happy dueling!


  1. Yay!!!!! Another update of Team Sp....errr...wait..i'm not seeing Spode anywhere?!?! j/k, i know you play with coworkers from Kingsisle nowadays, and i'm glad to see you keep the writing going on!
    Just a little question: What happend to Team Spode? They still play? Or have they all moved to D3 now?
    And a little word of advice from a divine lover: no matter the guts and sence, be sure to take Radiant Servant Pre!! http://ddowiki.com/page/Radiant_Servant_enhancements you'll love it!

  2. Cool cool! Nice to see ya writing. Nice screenshots!

  3. @eke: Best . . . suggestion . . . ever! Team Spode is in D3 now for the most part. We're playing hardcore mode as a group.

    @Jerry: OMG IT'S JERRY SNOOK! :) Thanks for dropping by!